Alternative Holiday Accommodation: Digital Platforms Have the Solution

Let’s say you and your family are planning to spend 3 weeks in Melbourne, there’s obviously a lot to plan, and while you are exploring this unique metropolis, you’ll need a comfortable base. Of course, there are 4 and 5-star hotels in Melbourne, but that will really eat into your budget, which limits other aspects of your trip, yet by searching online for serviced apartments, you can find the ideal accommodation for a fraction of the cost of a hotel.

Searching Online for Serviced Apartments

This couldn’t be any easier, with digital algorithms you can search by date, location or number of guests, which enables you to find the best accommodation with a few clicks of the mouse. To save you some time, here is the best provider where you’ll find just what you’re looking for. A serviced apartment has everything you need for a 5-star stay and as you have your own place, no need to keep calling reception when you want something.

Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Renting an apartment offers the following benefits:

  • Come and go when you please.
  • Fully furnished & equipped.
  • Car parking.
  • Use of facilities – pool, fitness room, laundry etc.
  • Fully serviced – On a daily basis.

Unlike a hotel, a serviced apartment offers you privacy and seclusion, plus you have total independence and can come and go as you please.

Search Locations

Whether you’re visiting Sydney or Melbourne, the serviced apartment website allows you quickly locate certain suburbs, or you might want to stay in the CBD, which is really convenient. If you do a little online research into your destination, you will gain an insight and that can help you to choose the best neighbourhood.

Personal Service

While the system might be digital, you will be talking to real people when you make a serviced apartment query, and there will be someone to meet you when you arrive, along with a complimentary gift. They will show you around and answer any questions you might have, and that’s really all you need.

Cost-Effective Luxury Accommodation

One only has to look at the daily rates of a 5-star hotel to see how costly a stay of a few weeks would be, and this is one of the main reasons why people are turning to serviced apartments. You can stay for a single night or as long as you wish, it really is up to you. If you would like to learn more about serviced apartments, a quick Google search will find one that services the location you are looking for and you can make a booking from the website.

Daily Clean

There’s nothing like coming home after a day’s sightseeing to see that your apartment is spotlessly clean and you have new bed linen and towels. This makes your stay so convenient and the management are always there to meet any requests you might have, leaving you free to enjoy your holiday experience.

Next time you are looking for short-term accommodation, search online for serviced apartments and you won’t regret it!

Money Pug Releases Home Safety Guide for Travelers

Money Pug Releases Home Safety Guide for Travelers

Money Pug, a site designed to save consumers money, has released their own guide for travelers in the digital world that want to prevent home burglaries. The guide begins with a series of questions for travelers along with useful tips on how to reduce the risk of a home being burglarized.

“No matter how tempting it may be, make sure that you do not give the game away and tell the world about your travel plans online. If you have children, make sure they are also aware of the dangers of sharing too much information on social media,” explains the guide.

Statistically, 80% of robbers check Twitter, Facebook and Google Maps before a robbery occurs. Broadcasting travel plans on social media is one of the biggest mistakes that travelers can make. The guide further questions if someone is watching a person’s property, and explains how thieves will often stop by a home multiple times to check if a potential victim’s travel plans have changed.

Those coming from abroad and immigrating to another country, such as Canada, can be particularly vulnerable because they are unaware of these dangers. The best immigration lawyer in Toronto would advise new settlers to be particularly vigilant.

Money Pug provides quick and simple solutions to common errors travelers make that result in their homes being robbed. Digital errors are most common, and methods are discussed that can further secure a home and possibly make it look like someone is home to deter thieves.

“One final thing to consider is that a GPS left in your car at the airport could be used to lead thieved back to your empty home. If your car is stolen, thieves could use a GPS to find out your home address and steal more from you,” explains Money Bug

Money Pug offers travel insurance comparisons which further protect consumers when traveling. This is especially useful if you’re taking a Prague to Berlin bus or to some other European city. The extensive guide also walks readers through a key set of instructions to follow.

The stock market has been booming throughout 2018, and investors may thus believe that now is a good opportunity to try trading on the NASDAQ.

Four Great Strategies to Trade the NASDAQ

The stock market has been booming throughout 2018, and investors may thus believe that now is a good opportunity to try trading on the NASDAQ. For the overwhelming majority, this is a terrible idea. Multiple studies have established that as many as 99 percent of day traders fail to consistently make money. There are many reasons for this, such as tax and commission issues discussed by The Motley Fool as well as psychological issues with trading.

But if you still want to give day trading a shot with some spare money, there are some steps you can take to improve your odds. By following these steps, you can adjust your entire trading mentality and gain the knowledge to have a better chance of being that successful 1 percent.

  1. Find Your Own Strategy

Plenty of day traders have no real trading strategy. They go with their gut, or perhaps they mindlessly do what someone on a website or CNBC tells them to do. That is a path towards disaster. Psychology is a tricky field which we do not entirely understand, and rational judgment can fly out the window when confronted with suddenly rising or falling stocks. All too often, traders try to lock up their gains too early when things are good and double down when things go badly.

Consequently, the most important thing a beginner day trader can do is to develop a strategy. Figure out certain things in advance before you buy a single stock. How much of your portfolio are you willing to risk in a day or trade? What are your profit targets? And perhaps most importantly of all, what is your stop loss target? It is far easier to figure these questions out in advance instead of trying to decide it on the fly with your money at stake.

  1. Practice

Anyone can create a strategy. Practice is needed to ensure you have the mental fortitude to stick with your strategy and the instinct to understand what to do depending on the given trading situation. A basketball or chess player does not have to think about what moves to make most of the time, as their training and instincts kick in for them. The same is true in day trading.

Practicing day trading is not just reading articles and watching videos. It is not even fiddling around with demo accounts for laser hair removal and making random trades. It is about taking your trading strategy, implementing it into a demo account, and observing what does and does not work.

Practice not just with the NASDAQ, but with all kinds of markets and in all kind of conditions. You may practice with a demo account now and feel like a genius under the current market conditions. But if the market declines within the next few months, you have to be prepared for that as well. Do not start trading with real money until you have been practicing with a demo account for at least six months.

  1.  Review Trades

When you are practicing with a demo account, even following a bad plan is better than having no plan at all. But eventually, you must revise your plan to account for changing conditions, which means reviewing the trades you have done every day. Of course, this entails taking screenshots and keeping a detailed ledger of every trade you have ever made.

There are two things in particular you must review. First, you must look back at your daily trades to ensure that you are following your prescribed forex strategy and are not making emotional trades. Second, you must look at your trades on a weekly to monthly basis to review whether your trading strategy is effective. Are your profit targets and stop loss at the best points, or should they be revised? While you cannot radically overhaul your trading strategy week to week without looking weak, making small adjustments over time will make for a better trading strategy.

  1. There are no Shortcuts

Learning the skills to become a more successful day trader is hard work, and it is hard work which you have to do on top of your regular job. As a result, you see scammers and teachers selling day trading software or teachers which promise to make you wealthy in no time at all.

But despite the advance of technology, trading today is not really any different from how it was 50 years ago. There is no substitute for hard work, practice, and building the discipline to maintain your strategy and avoid any wild goose chases. A good trader does not try to win every trade, because that is impossible as a 1.000 batting average. A good trader aims to minimize the losses when they appear and maximize gains. Stick with a strategy, revise it every now and then, and work and read whenever possible. Even that may not ensure success as a day trader, but it will improve your chances.

How To Save Money on Glasses

There are millions of people in this country who rely on corrective lenses every day. These include both glasses and contacts. While these devices work brilliantly, allowing people to see clearly, they can also get expensive. There plenty of people who are looking for ways to save money on glasses and contacts. The good news is that there are ways people can save money on their eyewear.

One of the biggest ways that people can save money is to purchase their glasses online. When people first visit an online store to purchase glasses, they are usually welcomed with a huge bonus offer. There are even online services that will still allow someone to make sure they can wear their glasses with style. They might even send the glasses straight to someone’s home, allowing people to try them on before they make a commitment. Those who need glasses should first make sure that they can correct their vision with a visit to an online store.

Next, those who are looking to save money on glasses should consider keeping the same lenses and just replacing the frame (or vice versa). Often, people are under the assumption that if they want a new frame (or need to have the lenses replaced), they need to replace both. This is simply not the case. People have the option to reuse either the lenses or the frame while replacing the other part. Many shops will help people save money by only replacing a part of their eyewear set. This is another great way to save money.

Next, it is also a good idea for people to look around for online deals. Similar to coupons for food and electronic devices, there are online deals from coupon services. This might make it possible for someone to save a substantial amount of money on their glasses. Just make sure to read the fine print on every deal to make sure that as many dollars are saved as possible.

Finally, it is also possible for someone to ask for a price match on either the frame or lenses. Many shops will offer something called a price match guarantee. Those who find a cheaper option at a different store on the same product might be able to go back to the original store and ask them to match it. Some stores will even provide a rebate on top of the price match guarantee.

These are a few of the great ways someone can save money on their glasses. While eye care can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be!

USA Rx: How to Save Money on Your Prescriptions

USA Rx: How to Save Money on Your Prescriptions

If you’re one of the 41 percent of Americans that take at least one prescription each day or one of the 17 percent that takes three or more prescription medications per day, you’re likely well-acquainted with the stress and uncertainty that can come from a visit to the pharmacy counter. With prescription drug costs rising each year with no relief in sight, many Americans are going without their prescriptions or cutting back on their doses against their doctor’s orders. If you’re lucky enough to have good insurance coverage, prices for some medications can be manageable, but others may not be covered at all. More than 80 million Americans are uninsured and underinsured, meaning they have no health insurance or have a high deductible health care plan, and these individuals receive little or no discount on their prescription drugs. Regardless of whether you’re trying to manage a chronic health condition or you need a new medication to recover from an acute illness, the monthly costs associated with prescription drugs don’t have to cause anxiety.  Pharmacy discount card providers like USA Rx offer the opportunity to save money on your prescription drugs regardless of your insured status.


What is Pharmacy Discount Cards?

Pharmacy discount cards are a new answer to a long-standing problem: the high cost of prescription drugs. Pharmacy discount card companies negotiate prices with drug manufacturers in order to help lower rates. The companies receive a referral fee from their participating pharmacies when they fulfill a prescription.


What is USA Rx?

USA Rx is a healthcare savings company that offers discounted prescription drugs to cardholders. Members of USA Rx are offered discounts ranging from 10 to 75 percent on all FDA-approved brand and generic prescription drugs at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.


How Can USA Rx Save Me Money?

If you’re looking to save money on prescriptions, it might seem hard to believe that a free program like USA Rx can help you save money. However, the company negotiates with drug companies to offer a discounted rate on medications at participating pharmacies. About 60,000 pharmacies in every state in the country participate in the program, with most medications priced within several dollars of each other. USA Rx makes money from a referral fee paid by the pharmacy to USA Rx when you pick up your prescription, at no additional cost to you.  USA Rx’s discounts are available on all FDA-approved generic and brand name prescription drugs, unlike most insurance plans, and there are no coverage limits.


Do I Still Need My Insurance if I Have USA Rx?

It’s important to know that USA Rx is not an insurance plan, and you’ll likely want to keep your insurance. There are no deductibles, co-pays, premiums, paperwork, or maximum coverage limits associated with USA Rx, and your card never expires. If you’re fortunate enough to have insurance, we recommend having your pharmacist compare the costs of your prescription using your USA Rx discount and using your insurance to see which one is less. USA Rx discounts cannot be combined with your insurance discount.


How Else Can I Save Money on Prescriptions?

Requesting the generic version of your prescription can help keep your costs down, so ask your doctor if the generic form of your drug is right for you. Generic alternatives use the same active ingredients and are rigorously tested by the FDA, just like the brand name medications, but use different inactive ingredients that may affect the color or appearance. You’ll be receiving the same treatment at a lower price. 


USA Rx isn’t insurance, but it can still help you save money on your prescription drugs. Joining the program is easy: just provide basic contact information on the company website and print your card! Present it to your pharmacist and you’re ready to start saving. You can even check the prices of your medications online before heading to the pharmacy so there are no surprises.

CBD Loans: What are Your Options?

CBD Loans: What are Your Options?

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, also known as the “2018 Farm Bill,” paved the way for CBD business owners to expand legally across the United States thanks to the legalization of hemp cultivation and the declassification of hemp as a Schedule I controlled substance. Despite the relatively new legal status of CBD products, CBD business owners may find that they still experience difficulty in identifying and receiving financing from traditional lenders. Fortunately, alternative lenders have stepped in to bridge the gap to CBD loans, and business owners today have numerous options.  


The Legal Status of CBD Products

CBD products, which are derived from hemp, are now legal at the federal level, but they occupy a bit of a legal “grey area” due to the many different state and local regulations that still affect business owners. Today, although the cultivation of hemp is now legal, the federal government still regulates the sale of CBD products and prohibits the addition of CBD to food and drinks. Traditional financial institutions like banks and credit unions may be willing to work with CBD business owners, but many are unwilling to get involved in a business that they still view as “risky” due to the many legal regulations. 


Finding a Lender

While it may be possible to work with a traditional financial institution in your state, you might be surprised to discover that a dedicated CBD lender is also an option. Alternative commercial lenders have stepped up to fill in the gap left by traditional financial institutions who do not want to take the risk of working with CBD and cannabis businesses, and these lenders are uniquely qualified to understand the financing needs of CBD business owners. It’s common for CBD businesses to struggle with long cashflow collection cycles, irregular collections on invoices, a lack of viable lenders and dilutive equity capital raises, which means that they need the flexibility to be able to borrow money quickly and efficiently. Traditional lenders may not offer loan products that suit the needs of a CBD business owner, but dedicated CBD lenders have experience working with the unique needs of these businesses and are prepared to help. 


Types of CBD Loans

There are two main types of CBD loans: debt financing and equity financing. Most people are familiar with debt financing is the type of financing, which might involve taking out a loan or using a business credit card, thereby accumulating debt and paying it back over time plus interest. Most people use debt financing in their personal lives. Unlike debt financing, equity financing is a type of lending that requires the business owner to offer shares of the company in exchange for financing.  The investor or lender is paid back in the form of dividends or profit when the company is sold. Most CBD loans come in the form of private loans, real estate loans, equipment leasing loans, and dispensary cash advances. Different loan types may be more appropriate than others depending on your specific reason for needing financing, such as purchasing or renting real estate or funding inventory gaps. 


Applying for a Loan

Once you have selected a lender for your CBD loan, you will need to start the application process. No matter which type of loan you choose, you will need to prove your creditworthiness, which is likely to require proof of your personal credit report, three to six months’ worth of bank statements, balance sheets, income statements, and your capital needs. Ideally, you will have a credit report that reflects a credit score of at least 700, have a strong history of making payments on time, and not have any bankruptcies on your record, and lenders may also want to review a list of your key management personnel and a list of all active licenses held. Having all your documentation together before applying for your loan will help move the process along as efficiently as possible. 


CBD business owners today have more options for CBD loans than in previous years, but you’re still likely to get the most value working with a dedicated CBD and/or cannabis business lender who understands your unique market. Regardless of what your business’s needs are, there’s a loan product and lender out there that are right for you.

Can You Make Money Live Streaming?

Can You Make Money Live Streaming?

These have been boom times for fans of live-streamed entertainment. Last year the average earnings per month for popular live streamers was $5,800, with many making much more than that. So, if you’ve always wanted to make money live streaming, the time is now. But, deciding on what kind of content you want to fill your stream with will decide if you can actually earn a living streaming video. There are many popular topics these days, but deciding which one you will make your stream about should come down to one thing — what do you like? Streaming about something you are passionate about will bring in the kinds of audience numbers you need to really make good money doing this. Today, we will discuss the important topic: can you make money live streaming?


Having a podcast about something you love is a great way to dip your toe into the big world of live streaming entertainment hosting. Maybe you love a particular show and know every word to every episode. Your genuine excitement for the next chapter of your show could translate to big bucks in the live streaming marketplace. Just let your own natural emotions take over while you discuss the plot points, and twists and turns of each episode. No detail is too small to dedicate an entire episode to, and you can be sure there are other super fans out there who will appreciate every word that you have to say about the most minute facets of each character on the show you love. Superfans are the bread and butter of some of the most popular podcasts out there today, and the sooner you start giving it a shot, the sooner you will begin to gather fans of your show.


Some of the biggest live streams out there are about games. Games on phones, games on PCs, and games on consoles are all very popular these days. Just getting on your stream and talking about a new character release, and everything that means for the player in-game is a great way to get fans and subscribers. Games for phones are getting more and more revenue, and top streamers can make huge amounts of money just streaming their gameplay. Maybe there is a new character, and your stream will highlight his or her abilities in different game modes, and your audience can get a sense of how the new character will play for their team, and decide from your stream if they want to invest in getting him or her. The best part is you will have the satisfaction of making a great living doing something you probably heard was a big waste of time over and over again. Your passion for your video game hobby could become a huge career investment.


Whatever you decide to live stream about, you can be sure that the one big factor that makes for a big paycheck is something very simple — authenticity. The genuine thrills, happiness, and excitement that flow from a live streamer that actually loves their subject will be perceivable to your audience because they share the same feelings, and want to see someone get as giddy as they feel when the subject of their favorite topic is discussed. Getting these super fans like yourself on board, and ready to subscribe will actually be your job as a professional live streamer. It is really a dream come true for people who love to talk about their favorite obsession with other fans. So, if you think you have what it takes, and your love of your favorite subject is strong, don’t hesitate, try live streaming today!

Three steps to financially affording home improvement renovations

Home ownership is a remarkable achievement. As one of the biggest and most expensive investments that any given individual can ever make in their lifetime, it goes without saying that when this goal is finally achieved (if it is a goal of yours, of course), the feeling is unlike any other feeling in the world. One of the best parts about owning your own home is that you have complete creative control over what the home feels and looks like at all stages of you living in and owning the property. Sometimes, additions, omissions, and updates are necessary or even just wanted. And this is where the renovating process comes into play. Renovations can be either big or small, however ultimately all renovations are geared specifically towards adding comfort and value to the property itself. 


Regardless of the scope of intended renovations, the point is always the same. That point is that renovations are a fantastic way to significantly increase the comfort, convenience, efficiency, and overall value of your home. More than ever, renovations are becoming more and more of a priority for homeowners around the globe, as the current pandemic has forced individuals to stay at home for the most part (even if just temporarily). So, how do you know where to start? There are three key steps to financially affording home improvement renovations.


Create a budget to build on


Renovations do not have to be done all in one foul swoop. In fact, sometimes it is better all around to stagger these projects over a longer period of time. Ultimately, what it all comes down to is the finances that you have to get the renovations underway and completed. That all starts with creating a budget to build upon. This budget is going to be all about giving you complete creative control in realistic ways. Put aside a set amount each paycheck (sometimes add a little extra on top to the funds if you are able to and feel like doing so) so that you have dedicated funds that are geared towards the specific goal of renovating projects. Create an excel spreadsheet as this will make the entire process easier all around.


Do what you can yourself


One of the simplest yet most effective ways to save money during restorations in your home is to take on some of the work yourself. Rather than paying professionals a lot of money to take on the projects, you might be surprised how simple (even if they are time-consuming) some of the renovation projects that you have in mind are. Of course, sometimes it is easier and more effective all around to let professionals handle it (in these cases, prioritise the projects that you know you cannot do yourself). As well as saving some money throughout the process, you also gain a deeper sense of appreciation for the final product, knowing that your own blood, sweat, and tears went into bringing the project to life.


Invest extra into important features

And then of course there are the important features that you want to incorporate into your home the most but might be a little more expensive than others. Whether it is EcoTech windows and doors installing ducted air conditioning/heating split systems throughout the entire property, make it a point to put a little extra money towards these specific home renovation projects. This way, you are ensuring that you are putting in the hard work to bring your entire dream home to life around you.

car insurance

How a DUI can impact your car insurance premium

Your driving record and your insurance premium are connected at the hip. The worse your history looks, the more you’re going to pay for coverage and vice versa. Add a DUI into the mix, and you can expect your insurance premium to skyrocket. Here’s how a DUI affects your premium and why. 

The Risk Factor

For insurance companies, premiums are determined by the driver’s risk factor. Risk is simple the likelihood of you being involved in an accident, which means the company would have to pay to cover everything from damages to injuries.

It’s a betting game for insurance companies. They hope you’ll pay into insurance for a lifetime and that they will never have to pay out. That’s how they make their money. So, the compile a list of factors to determine your level of risk. 

Pre-existing conditions that cause impairments, speeding tickets, and the length of time you’ve been a driver all play a part. That’s why new drivers without a history of being behind the wheel, like teens, pay a higher premium. 

Accidents and Risk

Just one accident is enough to make your insurance premium skyrocket. While your cost may return to normal after five years, every accident in that timeframe compounds to increase your premium yet again. Every accident also increases your risk level, as do DUIs. 

DUIs and Risk

While the factors surrounding an accident can make you risk level vary, a DUI places you at high risk immediately. Any auto insurance agency knows how incredibly dangerous driving while intoxicated is since it affects the central nervous system and impacts your ability to drive at all. 

Even if it was a one-time mistake, your insurance company is going to assume you drink and drive often. They don’t want to take the chance that you’ll do again. So, they charge you a higher premium to help cover any future costs associated with drinking and driving. 

Lowering Your Premium 

After a DUI, time is the best way to lower your premium again. It can take years to get your cost back to normal, not to mention repair your driving record. Each DUI after your first is going to make this process take longer.

You can, however, work with legal representation to help lessen the consequences. You might rely on an attorney for a second DUI to lessen court costs, time spent without your license, and possibly keep your premium from skyrocketing. 

The Dreaded DUI

When law enforcement agencies say you can’t afford a DUI, they mean it. The costs associated with this infraction are astronomical, and that’s outside of an increase in your insurance premium. The best way to keep your monthly or yearly bill down is to practice safe driving every time you’re behind the wheel. 

As for drinking, don’t assume you’ll be fine to drive. You alone can tell how intoxicated you are, and that should let you know when you’re not alright to drive. Stick with the legal limit and use a rideshare service like Uber when you must. It’s better than getting a DUI. 

insurance agent examining car damage

Who Should Fix Your Car After A Car Accident?

Being involved in a car accident is never fun. In addition to the potential  emotional and physical damages you can sustain from the wreck itself, you’ve also got to worry about getting your car back in working order so you can continue about your everyday life.

While the specifics may vary from state to state (and depend on who’s at fault for the crash), you’ve usually got more than one possible outcome after you experience an accident. Today, we’ll explore some of the common avenues of pursuit and what you should know about getting your car fixed following a collision.

Insurance Generally Covers The Costs Of Car Repairs

By and large, if you’ve been involved in an auto accident and need repairs for your vehicle, an insurance company is who you will turn to in order to get at least some of the funds for those repairs.

Which insurance company you’ll be dealing with will depend in part on liability (who is at fault for the accident) and whether you’re in a “traditional fault” or “no fault” state. 

There are a few ways this might play out. In traditional fault states, if you can prove the other driver was negligent or they accept fault for the accident, you’ll typically be able to get that driver or their insurance to pay a standard amount for damages.

The upside here is that you won’t usually need to come out of pocket for any costs, but the downside is that it can take a considerable amount of time (sometimes weeks) and that’s time you’ll be stuck without your car in working order.

In no fault states, however, your own insurer will typically cover damages. This is more expedient, obviously, but will also require you to pay a deductible (and, in some situations, your own rental car fees while your vehicle is getting repaired). You might be able to get your deductible repaid, should the other party’s insurance company reimburse yours, but this is not always the case.

And what of scenarios when the other driver is at fault but doesn’t have insurance? It’s not an enviable circumstance by any means, but in these situations, you may be protected by your own policy’s uninsured motorist coverage. There’s still a chance, though, that you’ll have to come out of pocket to pay a deductible.

Finally, though more rare, there are also instances where you may need to get an attorney involved to help you get damages paid for in the event of an auto accident. In such circumstances, it’s best to go with a skilled attorney, and make sure to follow their advice to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.