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Denis Vranich is a Hamilton entrepreneur and real estate developer whose commitment to green innovations in building design and construction has helped establish his reputation and drive his success.

Denis Vranich launched UrbanLife Residential, which serves the Southern Ontario marketplace through the development and rehabbing of multi-unit residential properties. One of the ways his firm upholds its dedication to green building is through its licensure to apply environmentally friendly spray foam insulation and roofing.

Denis’ aim is to develop homes that have superior construction, but also meet high standards of energy efficiency. At the same time, his homes are less expensive to operate and maintain over time.

Denis has been involved in a variety of aspects of real estate for over 20 years, developing and sharpening a range of cross-disciplinary skills in the process that have helped to build his reputation. In addition to real estate development, Denis has expertise in construction and property management, and also in both development and organizational management in the hospitality industry.

He honed his expertise in hospitality starting with a four-year stint with Quiznos Canada. Quiznos is an international chain of fast-food sandwich shops. Between 2002 and 2006, Denis acquired, built and operated 13 Quiznos restaurants in Southern Ontario under a franchise development agreement with the company. He was one of only two franchisees allowed to be his own general contractor for the restaurant build-outs. While Denis sold most of his stores soon after their opening, he divested himself completely of the operations by 2006.

During that time, he also used the experience he gained to acquire and redevelop properties in “Hess Village,” the entertainment district of Hamilton. His goal was to reinvigorate the area even as he helped to consolidate the area’s fractured real estate market.

Numerous notable projects ensued as he acquired 14 commercial properties in the district that gained considerable cachet. Several, for example, were notable restaurants and nightclubs, such as the Rokbar and Gown & Gavel. The latter, particularly popular during the summer months, was recognized with the City of Hamilton’s Architecture and Urban Design Award of Excellence.

Denis Vranich attended Appleby College and Queens University.

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