Don Shaughnessy

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My goal is to develop, present and explain methods to achieve more income and larger capital values using tax advantaged structures, products and methods.

The ability to deliver these outcomes have been developed as the result of experience gained in public accounting, life insurance sales and training and consulting services relating to capital acquisition and transfer questions.

I have well developed written and presentation skills in the areas of seminars, keynote addresses, short articles and research documents.

I have developed and presented seminars and course material for a wide variety of organizations ranging from The CIBC to BDC and from the Ontario Federation of Agriculture to The Canadian Bar Association.

Teaching experience includes lecturing at community college, various insurance industry professional development courses and professional development courses for the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants.

I have participated in more than 50 television shows related to financial planning and have authored upwards of 200 articles on taxation and financial planning


Business structure, personal estate structures, strategic planning, life and living benefits insurance.


Recent Articles

What Must Be True For A Plan To Work?

In developing a plan to attach financial parameters to your life plan, at some point you must begin a success ...
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Mistakes Happen

“Every great mistake has a halfway moment, a split second when it can be recalled and perhaps remedied.”  — Pearl ...
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There Are Varieties of Unknown

“Fear the unknown” is not very good advice. The unknown is just that, unknown.  Could be good, could be bad, ...
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Planning Balances Life

“Money is like gasoline during a road trip. You don’t want to run out of gas on your trip, but ...
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The Best Measure

I came upon a map of Europe recently that was organized to show how many beers you could buy in ...
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I am a proponent of not asking “Why?” Based upon new information I am prepared to reconsider. I believe that ...
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How Much Is A Pension Worth?

Somewhere between a little and a very large amount.  It depends. There are reasons for the difference even when circumstances ...
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Change? What Change?

I have, for about 15 years, tried to understand why investment returns tend to be the way they are. I ...
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Providing For Disabled Children

Having a disabled child is a both a blessing and a burden and about which most of us have no ...
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Regulation Feels Good, But

The need for regulation of financial advisors arises from an abdication of responsibility by the people who may suffer the ...
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A Cruel Choice

Why pay attention to convergence?  Maybe because it matters, as in “poorly handled it might kill you.” People have known ...
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Learn From A Billionaire

Dovi Frances of Malibu California recently delivered a $201 million life insurance policy to a billionaire client.  What does his ...
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Common Sense Reporting

Do financial planners really expect people to read and understand their reports? If the answer is, “No” then the cover ...
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Build Wealth On Purpose

Building great wealth is not easy and most people have insufficient motivation and persistence and too few of the skills.   ...
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Managing The Cap

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones: “Free-agency busts hindered Super Bowl chances” Jerry’s problem is just like yours. Previous commitments limit your ...
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Why Be Disciplined?

Yaman Saleh, founded a LinkedIn group called The Trader and while still small, I have found it to be among ...
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Instant Success Takes a Long Time

The Beatles came to America February 7, 1964 and played the Ed Sullivan Show two nights later.  73 million people ...
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Do Advisers Add Value?

People never question your price; they question your value.  It follows then that people who believe that investment management fees ...
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Volatility Can Hurt You

You cannot ignore rate of return volatility if you are projecting over long periods.  I recently saw a piece that ...
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Price Does Not Indicate Value

Price, by itself, is a poor indicator of value.  Things have a lower price for a reason and the reason ...
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Traders Are Not Investors

“Animal Spirits” is a concept that Keynes raised in his 1936 book, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money.  ...
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Money and Teenagers

What does your teenager know about money and what should they know? Success with money begins early and is a ...
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Yes You Can

Leadership is an uneven skill.  Except for the command and control form, you cannot impose leadership on others.  Things that ...
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A Deeper View Of The Market

Finding cause and effect in the stock market is a fool’s game. There are way to many variables and there ...
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Another Shopping Alternative

“Support Your Local Sheriff” is a 1969 comedy starring James Garner.  It grossed $5,000,000 which, strangely, was enough to justify ...
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