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Create and Protect my Clients Wealth through Process of Financial Planning, Money Management, Risk assesment, Risk management, Risk minimazation.

Utilize advanced investment techniques to build clients wealth

Make tax woes disappear by utilizing techniques learned in preparing individual tax returns.

Give people freedom from money issues.

Show you how to live bigger dreams sooner by controlling Cash Flow

Services provided:
Financial Planning, Portfolio Management, Tax Prep, Banking, Insurance


Protect family Assets
Help Improve Lives
Reduce Taxes
Resolve Issues
Reduce Fear of Financial Future

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The Genius Next Door

My next door neighbor Chuck is a genius. He has driven the same car for 15 years yet I never ...
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Midyear Market Bias

The Bias of a Midyear Market As of Wednesday, equity markets are at their halfway point for the year. As ...
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Last Week

Following a strong start to the week, the market went up and down for the remainder of the week before ...
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India & Emerging Markets

Emerging markets have been one of the worst places to invest your money so far in 2014. While stocks worldwide ...
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Google stock split

As you may have heard Google stock will be splitting next week. Thanks to some corporate maneuvering, shareholders will be ...
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Options Work Wonders

Options are one of my favorite income-generating strategies, and I’ve found a lot of success in aiming for a controlled, ...
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Get Brave and Get Tech

One of the main things holding people back from being smart investors in emerging tech stocks today is their searing ...
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Economic Freedom

Argentina made headlines last month when its currency, the peso, crashed 15 percent in one fell swoop. The government had ...
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Market Recap

After a sharp selloff on Monday, markets meandered over the next two trading sessions before taking off over into the ...
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Rising Rates- what to do

That interest rates are rising, and set to rise for years to come, should be no surprise to you. Nor ...
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Watch Out! Taper Bomb is Coming.

Here in the lower 48 the big economic question is when will the Fed (U.S. Federal Reserve) begin to cut ...
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Alternative Investments (for a low rate environment)

The Federal Reserve’s policy of keeping interest rates low and purchasing trillions of dollars in securities is pushing investors further ...
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How to Value Oil and Gas Companies

I like to own Oil exploration and production (E&P) companies with a high ratio of oil to natural gas. I ...
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Market Myths

There are three common Market Myths many would-be investors bring up to explain their inability to invest. Market Myth #1: ...
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Singularity is Coming

Singularity is a term coined by Ray Kurzweil and it features prominently in his 2005 book ‘The Singularity is Near” ...
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Buckets of Money: A Retirement Income Strategy

Some retirees are able to live solely on the earnings that their investment portfolios produce, but most also have to ...
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The Case for The Bull

Pressures are growing which could send the Dow sky rocketing to 31,000 over the next five years. I know because, ...
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U.S. Market View

The first week of the government shutdown is behind us. The market has recovered most of what was lost. The ...
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Bonds and Bernanke

Fed Chairman Bernanke has thrown the kitchen sink at the bond markets to keep interest rates down. He’s shoved the ...
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Plan Now for a Year-End Investment Review

You might not enjoy sitting down to do year-end investment planning, but at least this fall you can make plans ...
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