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Highly accomplished finance management specialist with progressive start-ups, business revitalization & financial leadership expertise. Provide direction & consultation of key projects to maximize results, curtail potential risks & achieve organizational objectives. Demonstrate success in implementing revenue generating business opportunities to amplify bottom line profits by analysing market needs, evaluating competitive threats, expanding business prospects & leveraging existing channels. Advanced experience & knowledge in developing & applying financial controls, introducing new technology, streamlining operations & facilitating aggressive financial plans.
Areas of Expertise
Business Planning & Evaluation Compliance & Fulfillment
Strategic Management & Training
Financial & Wealth Management Asset Valuation & Protection Cost Containment
Capital & Resource Deployment
Process Reengineering
Product Design & Development

Recent Articles

Tax-time 2014 – what a fine way to start 2015!

Wow – another 3 month (and 5 day) push on behalf of the CRA, with more to come when all ...
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And the winner is ……..

While reading our last issue, an advertisement caught my eye – The Great Canadian Sales Competition.  So, I did a ...
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GICs, RRSPs and TFSAs – what make sense for you?

As usual for this time of year, financial institutions across Canada are trying to find a way to separate you ...
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Do you know the truth behind the GIC market in Canada?

Written by Ian R. Whiting, Staff and Contributing Editor Back in the latter part of 2012 and into 2013, the ...
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Book Review – THE WILLS LAWYERS – their stories of money, inheritance, greed, families and betrayal

Barry Fish and Lex Kotzer have done all Canadians a great service with this book – and there is a ...
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Expectations of entitlement – where do you sit?

This is coming from Panama – Coronado on the Pacific Coast to be exact. We are here for 12 days ...
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Annuities – how they work and why have one!

Retirement is near or perhaps you are already retired. It’s time for choices. How do you want to receive your ...
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Has Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) outlived its’ usefullness?

In the early 1950s, Dr. Harry Markowitz was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in defining the ...
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What is a GIC? And why would I want one anyway?

Written by Ian R. Whiting, MONEY® Canada Limited || MONEY® Magazine  GIC is an acronym for Guaranteed Investment Certificate. These ...
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What is the worth of life and limb?

While this is a financial blog, I am going to take some editorial licence here and move to us – ...
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Custom-built Equity- or Index-linked GICs

No doubt you have heard or read about Equity- or Index-linked GICs. Many financial institutions market variations of these products ...
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To Be or Not to Be – (or which is better, pay-off the mortgage or buy an RRSP?)

Lee and Daphne are asking this very question – which is better for them? They are aware of the huge ...
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How can I recognise a SCAM?

A very good question and here are some tips including information from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. www.antifraudcentre.ca 1. If it ...
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Internet and E-mail Safety (and security)

In this blog, let’s look more closely at internet and e-mail scams and security. Internet Knowledge is power – and ...
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Fraud and Identity theft – a common glossary

Unfortunately, identity theft and fraud are among the fastest growing crimes in the world. In 2012, more than 120,000 calls ...
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Protect yourself from Identity Thieves!

Andrea told her husband Jack that she had noticed a young person going through their condo paper-recycling bins. At first, ...
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Dying isn’t free (no good deed goes unpunished!)

I know this sounds a bit irreverent or flippant however it is meant to stimulate some hard thinking about the ...
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When does not spending $150.00 cost you more than $6,000.00?

Six years ago, Al went to see his lawyer. A widower in his late 70s, Al had been advised to ...
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Is there such a thing as the “perfect” asset?

If you found an asset that met all 13 of these criteria – would you purchase it? What about if ...
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Lifting the veil on ETFs – Part 4 of 4

Warning about the fees and costs of ETFs The expense ratio is not the only cost of investing in exchange ...
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