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I employ a Capital Efficiency Model that dictates money should never be exposed for longer than is absolutely necessary to the possibility of being lost. Thus, I routinely sell half my position when a stock doubles from my entry price, and I sell stocks that lose 20%, unless there are extenuating circumstances. I typically deploy capital only when a market has a uniform trend in place to the upside (for my specific sectors), and avoid markets altogether when they turn bearish, or become directionless.

Since I dwell exclusively in this high-risk, high reward environment, I seek to time entry and exit in 12 – 18 month increments. In the right market environment, I can routinely achieve 100 per cent lifts on my investments, and quite often these become over 1,000 per cent.

Subscribers are cautioned that the opportunities I participate in are risky, and you could at any time lose all of your investment. I am not accredited in any way to offer investment advice, and this site is offered as a source of ideas and insight for my own particular investment style.

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