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As a Senior Executive and financial specialist, Jeffrey Lipton has spent the last two decades offering guidance and strategic advice in the international investment sector.

Jeffrey Lipton’s almost three decade long career began after he completed his comprehensive post-secondary studies that included an undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelors of Law degree (LL.B) from the University of Windsor.

Jeffrey Lipton also earned his Chartered Financial Analyst designation in the late 80s.

After completing his studies, Jeffrey Lipton held a legal position at the Ontario Securities Commission followed by the Toronto Stock Exchange, where he worked on counsel market policy, take-over bid, issuer bid, insider bid and policy creation and implementation.

From there, Lipton went on to serve senior and executive level positions at a number of top tier financial management firms specializing in investment and merchant banking. After practicing law as a partner for several years specializing in corporate finance, securities and taxation. In 1994, he was selected to be President and Senior Portfolio Manager at Infinity Mutual Funds, a company offering comprehensive investment services.

In early 2000, Lipton took over the helm at a leading investment management firm until 2014 where he headed another asset management company Berkeley Hanover, where he worked to build an investment management team of industry specialists and financial experts. The well-versed and knowledgeable team Lipton managed, serviced and designed mutual fund products and strategies for a robust and diverse international client base.

Jeffrey is dedicated as an investment manager to targeting specific investment opportunities to present to clients that are intended to produce above average returns and are typically non-correlated to bond and equity markets.

Most recently, Jeffrey Lipton began a new financial advisory firm, Fairmont Gloucester Partners, which is based in Barbados.

Outside of the finance world, Jeffrey Lipton is a competitive athlete who is very active in the Taekwondo community. He is also a triathlete who has competed in the Sprint and Olympic distances series for the last 30 years.

Jeffrey lives and works in Barbados.

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