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From "the street" to "the executive suite", Jim Ruta, BA, RHU, has done it all. As the author of four books, contributor to online and offline magazines around the world, he has spoken on stages featuring the leading insurance and investment financial service professionals/ advisors representing the highest standards of ethics, knowledge, service and productivity, including the Million Dollar Round Table Main Platform representing 36,000 individuals in 78 countries.

Starting as a life insurance agent at age 22, he eventually led a multi-million dollar agency in the heart of Canada's national financial district. With more than 250 agents, it was, at the time, Canada's largest.
Jim began his career in 1977 after graduating from the University of Manitoba. In 1979, he established "IAP – Insurance and Annuity Planning" as an agent. He began a long career in agency leadership in 1981. His successful sales, marketing, training and management career spanned three companies and more than two decades. He went on to help found two successful Managing General Agencies.

Jim served on both agent and manager industry boards (LUAC and LIMAC) and moderated their training programs (LUATC and AMTC). As a popular speaker, consultant and commentator on financial services, Jim has addressed every Financial Advisor Association of Canada's national "school" and the AGM. One of Canada's first Registered Health Underwriters in 1992, he is currently a Director and Secretary Treasurer of GAMA International Canada.

Today, Jim is an author, speaker and performance consultant to top financial companies, advisors, managers and executives around the world. These include the Centennial Celebrations at Great Eastern Life in Singapore and the Main Platform of the Million Dollar Round Table Annual Meeting.
Founder and CEO of Expert Institute, Jim offers a unique personalized professional consulting system for entrepreneurs and leaders using the JimCLASS conference and advice program.

Jim's regular column in Canada's "Insurance and Investment Journal" and video segment on "Investment Executive's" IE:TV are subscriber favorites. His magazine articles have appeared in MDRT's "Round the Table" and "Life Insurance Selling" in the US. His first four books, Expert Identity Marketing, Master Your Money Management, How to Win Sales and Increase Profits with Jim Ruta and Peak Performance Perspectives have sold thousands of copies around the globe. He is a regular contributor to www.ProducerseSource.com and a columnist for India's Premium Magazine.

Jim's depth of knowledge is unexcelled. His passion, humor and plain talk have inspired, educated and entertained many thousands worldwide. He cares deeply about the industry and has dedicated his life to building up the financial advice model.

Involved with his church, Jim serves on the board of two Catholic charities. He is a licensed private pilot, avid golfer and father of three. He and his wife Rhonda live outside of Toronto, Canada.

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