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An accountant by training, Larry’s career took what some may consider a sharp left turn into the real estate world when, in 2007, he joined a company entitled AccessEasyFunds Limited, or AEF. AccessEasyFunds is a firm that provides low-cost advances on commissions earned by real estate agents. When AccessEasyFunds initially formed and began to provide advances on earned commissions, it added an invaluable service to the Canadian real estate sector and today it continues to ease the lives of countless real estate agents.


Being given the opportunity to join AccessEasyFunds is considered by Larry to be a major career highlight. To add to this sense of privilege, Larry joined AccessEasyFunds at the company’s inception. As a result, he found himself in the enviable position of being able to contribute to AccessEasyFund’s growth as it rose from seedling company to a company that not only has business across Canada, but also has achieved name brand recognition in the commission loan business and in the Canadian real estate market as a whole.


As a Customer Service Representative for AccessEasyFunds, Larry believes that in this day and age, every business is a client service centered business at its heart. It is no surprise then that in his role as Customer Service Representative, Larry pulls no punches in delivering the finest, most dedicated service to his clients. In Larry’s view, a commitment to same-day customer service is something that should never be undervalued.


When not working, Larry enjoys staying fit and working out. As a notable accomplishment, in 1992 Larry completed the Iron Man Canada competition. Larry is also a huge fan of European soccer. He is married and has three children.

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