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Norma Walton (who also goes by Norma Jean Walton) is a real estate investment executive and entrepreneur from Toronto, Ontario. Norma is a Western University alumni, having graduated from the school with a Bachelor of Arts in French and later with a Bachelor of Laws. Norma has also earned a Masters of Business Administration from Western University.

Currently, Norma works with three real estate companies in the Toronto area. She is a co-founder of Penny Lane Properties and a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rocket Property Limited Canada, as well as an asset manager at Blue Parrot Properties. Norma has fifteen years of experience in the real estate industry that spans the industrial, commercial, and residential markets.

One of Norma Walton’s special interests is in restoring old buildings and putting them to good use. She is skilled at seeing the potential in abandoned or run-down properties and finding ways to turn them into residential, commercial or mixed-used spaces. Her business goal is to “convert under-performing real estate to its highest and best use.” Revitalizing old neighbourhoods and bringing in new people to help keep the revival sustainable is something that Norma loves to do.

The work of revitalizing old buildings has given Norma Walton insight into many different areas related to her field. At times, she has had to deal with issues such as cleaning up environmentally contaminated sites or dealing with excess land on large properties.

Norma is experienced in preparing residential properties for sale, which she believes is very important in the process of matching sellers with buyers. In addition, she has insight into landlord-tenant relationships, how to put an empty basement to good use, and other aspects of home ownership. In her work relationships and her home life, she is always ready to lend a listening ear and to give advice wherever she can.

Besides her role as a real estate executive, Norma is a prolific blogger with interests that range from movies to her family to her thoughts on energy-efficient appliances. She is also the mother of four young children. When not working, you can find her with her husband and kids, often at the hockey rink.

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