Richard Warke

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Canadian business executive Richard Warke has more than 25 years of experience in the international resource and mining sector. Richard’s experience in the industry led him to form the Augusta Group, which is composed of a group of public companies and private businesses that includes Arizona Mining, Catalyst Copper and Armor Minerals.
In addition to leading the Augusta Group, Richard Warke is also the Chairman and CEO of Arizona Mining, a mining and exploration company with an ongoing project in Santa Cruz County, Arizona. Arizona Mining is developing what may be a world-class lead zinc project south of Tucson, Arizona in Santa Cruz County.

During his more than two decades in the mining industry, Richard has founded a number of successful resource companies that have sold for record amounts. The 2014 sale of Augusta Resource Corporation, a company that Richard founded and directed for nineteen years, sold for roughly $670 million dollars to HudBay Minerals Inc. In 2011, Richard sold Ventana Gold Corporation, another company he established, for $1.5 billion to Brazil's Eike Batista.

Richard’s success in the resources sector has allowed him to establish himself as a focused and skilled entrepreneur who is able to build and grow multi-million dollar businesses to full fruition. He has worked diligently to grow the portfolio, exposure and revenues of all the companies he has formed and led.

Outside of the mining and resource industry, Richard is also active in the hospitality and aviation sectors. He also has a variety of previous experience in the oil and gas, forestry, technology and manufacturing industries.

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