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Rob Peers is a financial consultant who has more than fifteen years of experience in business and financial management in industries that include art, insurance, technology, software, construction, real estate, mining, oil and gas and social housing.

A native of Edmonton, Canada, Rob attended the University of Alberta and focused his academic efforts on an honours degree in Religious and East Asian Studies. While studying at the University of Alberta, Rob also had the opportunity to live for a year in Japan and gain a broader world perspective by studying both Japanese business and culture.

Rob’s consulting career began in the retail art sector when he assisted an Ottawa-based art gallery in the financing of acquisitions of art and establishing terms for leasing of art to businesses. The experience further ignited Rob’s interest in business financing and consulting, and following a year in retail art, Rob opened his own art financing company. Soon, Rob was branching his consulting work into a variety of other industries besides retail art.

As a consultant with a focus on business development, finance, tax, and business structure, Rob has had the opportunity to work on projects with international scope and be exposed to different cultures and business environments in Southern Africa, Asia, Central America and both the United States and Canada.

Rob is a founder of C2 Business Services, a Calgary-based consulting firm that offers support services to business owners related to their legal, accounting and business structure requirements. C2 Business Services offers combined business services that allows contracted professionals (accountants, lawyers, and financial advisors) to work in unison to achieve company goals.

Rob continues to be active in business development and supports a series of other projects and causes.

Outside of his professional career, Rob has a passion for golf, cooking and piano composition.

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