Robert Tallack

Robert Tallack

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Robert Tallack is the Chief Executive Officer of ConversionPoint Technologies, an e-Commerce technology company that concentrates on increasing reach, revenue and return on investment for brands, agencies and advertisers selling online. As CEO, Robert led the company in unprecedented growth in 2017, as well as oversaw a successful merger that same year. ConversionPoint utilizes machine learning to optimize advertising purchases and lower customer acquisition costs. The company is also the developer of a customer relationship management system that provides an exceptional payment processing and customer data management platform.

Robert Tallack earned his Bachelor of Arts in health sciences from Queens University in 2003. Following his education, Robert followed his passion for entrepreneurship and the martial arts by launching and serving as CEO of Karate Kids Program, a martial-arts centered fitness program for elementary school children. While leading Karate Kids Program, Robert also co-founded Tallack Martial Arts, a full service martial arts school based in Kingston, Ontario. Robert successfully directed the growth and development of Tallack Martial Arts for 9 years.

Robert attributes his success as an entrepreneur with his emphasis on discipline, saying, “In order to be successful, you have to put in the hard work. Even when you don’t want to, knowing the long-term pay-off will be there.”

In 2011, Robert transitioned from the world of martial arts to the corporate world by leading a company that developed and marketed all-natural supplements. As CEO of the company, he worked in partnership with leading consumer brands and direct marketing organizations to market all-natural pain relief products, and in 2015 successfully sold the company to a publicly traded pharma company.

In 2016, Robert expanded on his business leadership experience when he became CEO of Branded Response, a digital media firm focused on direct-to- consumer marketing of health, wellness and beauty products. He led Branded Response until its merger with Push Interactive to form ConversionPoint Technologies in 2017.

Robert Tallack has earned three World Championship and nine Canadian National Championship titles as an MMA professional fighter — in fact, he still holds a world record for his efforts. He was also a pioneer in gaining recognition for the sport in Canada. Robert continues making an impact in the martial arts world by serving as a Chairman of the Karate Kids Foundation, a foundation based in Toronto, Canada.

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