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Who is Steve Nyvik:


Steve’s formal education comprises an BBA in 1989 from Simon Fraser University and an MBA in 1990 from European University, a Swiss-based private business school.  His professional credentials include the Registered Financial Planner (R.F.P.) in 1995, the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in 1996 and Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) designation in 2005.


Steve learned the art of financial planning working at the fee-only financial planning firm Macdonald, Shymko & Company Ltd. from 1992 to 1996.  His portfolio management skills were developed by designing and managing customized family stock and bond portfolios working at CIBC Wood Gundy from 1998 to 2010.  In August 2010, Steve joined the portfolio management firm of Lycos Asset Management Inc. where he manages portfolios of high net worth clients and provides financial planning advice and service at no extra cost.  Steve is also a part-time Instructor at BCIT where he has teaches a security fundamentals course.


Steve is licensed for insurance (life, disability, health, critical illness, long term care) in British Columbia and licensed as a Portfolio Manager (Advising Representative) with Lycos Asset Management Inc. in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.  Client investment trading and custody services are provided by  National Bank Correspondent Network (NBCN) - Canada's premier provider of custody, trading and brokerage solutions to independent Portfolio Managers and Investment Dealers.  NBCN is a division of National Bank Financial which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Bank of Canada.  NBCN is also a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). 

Steve’s community service includes being the Fundraising Coordinator (2006 to 2007) for Saint Francis de Sales School in Burnaby, and then its Chairperson (2007 to 2008). He was a member of the Board of the Canadian Association of Financial Planners (BC Chapter) as its Treasurer (1996 to 1998) and as Editor for the chapter’s newsletter (2002 to 2003). Steve is the author of the book, "FINANCIAL PLANNING FOR SNOWBIRDS," published in 2000 by CCH Canadian Limited. He was an Editorial Board Member for The Canadian Journal of Financial Planning (2001 to 2002) and for Forum magazine (2006 to 2008). Steve served as a Director of the Memorial Society of B.C. from April 2010 to March 2013.  During his tenure, he created the Memorial Society, "End of Life Checkup" which is provided to all new members.


What Steve does:

Steve builds, from ‘blue-chip’ dividend paying stocks and bonds, a tax efficient 'pension' designed to meet your needs through time without taking unnecessary risk.  He believes in 'value for money' by direct ownership of stocks so that you can significantly cut your costs compared to mutual funds. He does not like index fund ETFs as you can generate more consistent returns with less volatility through selecting good businesses as opposed to owning the market that includes poorer quality businesses and expensive businesses.  Also, most ETFs tend to be market-cap weighted which Steve believes is a poor way to manage company risk.


Reducing volatility matters especially in your retirement years if you have to eat capital to meet your needs.  Higher volatile portfolios can mean eating assets when they are down making it tough to impossible to recover to previous levels. That can lead to early depletion and outliving your money. Through time, the cost advantage, more certain returns from dividends and gains from earnings not paid out, and lower volatility translates to much better returns with less risk.


Steve provides financial planning advice to clients at no extra cost so if ‘life happens to you’, your goals aren’t derailed in the process.


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