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Trindent is a highly specialized boutique profit improvement firm. We work exclusively within the Energy, Financial Services and Health Care industries. We take on the most complex business problems and situations, and deliver guaranteed, P&L reconcilable results.

Trindent is different. We provide fresh, unique solutions, not stale ideas. Many consulting companies re-package or re-purpose strategies that have worked for other companies. At Trindent, a cookie-cutter approach just doesn’t cut it.

Trindent is not all things to all clients. We are specialists in a limited set of project scenarios and business problems. This guarantees that we can deliver the best project possible because of our depth of experience, and thought leadership.

Trindent is fast. We provide measurable, tangible and sustainable enhancements that will immediately start to improve the profitability of your organization –without the need for capital expenditures or complex technology. Our engagements typically break even before they conclude.

Trindent works with you. We work collaboratively with your front-line employees to achieve results in record time. We are founded on the principle that management consultants must measure their success in terms of their client’s financial results.

Trindent is ready to solve your complex problem. We have offices worldwide and have established a reputation for helping companies solve their most complex problems. To date we have completed over 70 projects on three continents, and can execute in over 20 languages. We will design and implement solutions for your business, with insightful, unique thinking. No company is exactly the same. And no business solution is either.

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