Wayne Wile

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Wayne Wile is an international institutional investment consultant and financial expert with a career spanning more than fifty years. Wile has advised the institutional and high net worth investors around the world, helping his clients optimize their portfolio performance while also mitigating risk.

With an investment strategy heavily influenced by business cycle analysis and Austrian economics, Wayne Wile utilizes a top-down approach to understanding the major trends affecting financial markets. He also has a long history in the mining and metals markets, where he has worked extensively. He notes that this sector “has an unrivalled ability to make or lose money. Getting the timing right for metals and mining can generate a better return than any other sector but there are reasons why it is as hated and misunderstood as it is.”

In addition to his financial consulting experience, Wile is also a published author, having penned many articles on how to make money in stock trading for well-regarded financial websites and programs. In these articles, he offers guidance such as the following: “Sophisticated trading strategies that try to predict the future based on mathematical analysis of historical data routinely destroy far more wealth than they create. Successful traders stop analyzing and learn to listen to what the market is telling them every day.”

Wile is committed to educating investors about navigating the markets for their benefit and routinely speaks out on what he views as market absurdities. When asked about his investment strategies, Wayne Wile replied, his theories of investing are governed by his stringent self-discipline. He is also outspoken out on what he views are the absurdities involved in the business.

“Some of the trading systems I have seen are so ridiculous that only a really intelligent and well-educated person could possibly try to use them. Trading is a simple business,” says Wile. “The key thing is to understand that markets have absolutely no interest in what you think.”

Wayne currently resides in the Cayman Islands, but considers himself a global citizen.

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