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Matt Choi is the founder and chief strategist of Certus Trading Inc., a trading education
company with a mission to help traders and investors achieve consistent profits with stocks,
ETFs, options, currencies, commodities and financial futures. Matt is a Chartered Market
Technician (CMT) and has over 17 years of trading experience. With Brian Tracy and other
leading experts around the world, Matt co-authored the best-selling book “The Winning Way,”
which details the types of mindsets a trader must have to achieve success.

Prior to founding Certus Trading in 2011, Matt Choi was the dealer principal at Hyundai of
Oakville, in Oakville, Ontario. He purchased the dealership in 2003 and, as the owner, oversaw
a remarkable turnaround. He increased the dealership’s sales from $12 million to $25 million,
and increased profits from $600,000 to $1.6 million. Matt hired a strong management team that
helped him implement a consistent sales strategy and recruit and retain talented staff members.
Several years after building a new, state-of- the-art 20,000 square-foot dealership facility in
2007, Matt sold the dealership for a multiple seven-figure fee -- because he knew his passion
lay elsewhere.

Despite his success as an entrepreneur, Matt’s interest has always been in trading. Even before
his time as a dealership principal, he was trading in his free time. When he first started trading,
in 2001, he did not have a clear idea of how to approach the markets. He spent time and money
searching fruitlessly for the perfect trading system, and later came to the realization that such a
system simply did not exist.

In 2005, however, Matt met his trading mentor, the late George Fontanills, who spent time with
Matt and took the time to understand his trading personality. Fontanills advised Matt that he
should focus on a few specific markets to maximize his profits. He also taught Matt several risk
management techniques that he could use to preserve capital when the markets were down.
Most importantly, Fontanills’s teaching helped Matt realize the most important quality that a
trader can possess is a winning mindset. From that idea came the foundation for Matt’s success
and his later work on “The Winning Way.”

Matt Choi’s trading has been consistent and profitable since 2006. He swing trades markets that
show repetitive price patterns and which provide the best trading opportunities.
After achieving success with his own trading, Matt decided that he wanted to help others find
the same results that he had, which is why he founded Certus Trading. Certus Trading
endeavors to impart knowledge to traders who are searching for an effective trading

Matt Choi holds an MBA, with a focus on innovation and technology, from McMaster University
in Hamilton, Ontario. He lives in Toronto with his wife, son, and a dog (a Wheaton Terrier). He
loves travelling the world with his family and enjoys watching soccer in his free time.

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