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December 2013
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MyPRGenie’s Crowdsourced Media Database Earns Rave Reviews from PR Pros


By myPRgenie

MyPRGenie Version 6.0

Six months after the launch of MyPRGenie’s crowdsourced media database, PR pros are raving about the ability to share with peers, save on services

New York, NY / Dec 18, 2013 / ( / MyPRGenie ( launched the public relations industry’s first crowdsourced media data base this summer after extensive beta testing. Six months later, PR professionals from around the country are beginning to “cash in” points they earned by participating in the peer-to-peer service towards a 2014 Premium MyPRGenie subscription.

It’s a one-two punch that helps knock out high prices says MyPRGenie co-founder and CEO Miranda Tan.

1. Share a media list you’ve created

2. Earn points for what you share, and use them to save on MyPRGenie’s Premium subscription.

“It’s the best deal ever for agencies, small businesses, and corporate PR departments,” says Tan. “Agencies can upload media lists they’ve developed, and earn points that reduce the cost of the Premium MyPRGenie package. Even better than saving money, agencies and companies that upgrade from Basic to Premium get MyPRGenie’s platform (media database, analytics, newsroom, and social media) plus free Web Distribution for press releases.”

One MyPRGenie client who has already started taking advantage of the Premium package and free release distribution is Diane Creasy, Vice President at Open Mortgage. “I have been so happy with MyPRGenie. I updated recently to the annual Premium package. I highly recommend MyPRGenie’s service,” Creasy says.

Basic subscribers, or those with a free trial account, can upload media lists to the crowdsourced database at Users can earn points for every new media contact shared with MyPRGenie, and can redeem the points they earn for access to MyPRGenie’s global media contact database. The goal is to use the power of crowdsourcing to research and to maintain a global media information database and to keep it updated in real time.

Tan says that the new crowdsourcing media platform is a re-imagination of how media contacts are researched, collected and updated. “What’s exciting is that our wiki-styled, crowdsourcing technology allows PR professionals and companies to automatically update media contacts in real-time and share it with a community, versus the old-fashioned way of tediously calling and manually updating the contact database one by one. It is amazing how much manual work remains in maintaining most media databases.

“Sales professionals have had access to this kind of data for years,” she said, “But MyPRGenie is the only company to add such a system has to a public relations platform.”

With the MyPRGenie Premium subscription, agencies and company PR managers can:

· Reach over 500,000 media contacts, media outlets, bloggers and analysts

· Create targeted media lists

· Consolidate all of your press releases into a single optimized newsroom

· Track PR results in real time

The MyPRGenie Premium subscription for small business and small agencies (up to 10 clients) is an annual, flat-rate subscription. Subscribers can earn points toward the Premium subscription by participating in MyPRGenie’s crowd-sourced media database program, and payment plans are also available.

About MyPRGenie

MyPRGenie is the next generation cloud-based, public relations (PR) and social media marketing platform. It was launched in 2007 to provide a more effective, efficient tool for businesses to publicize themselves.

Thousands of companies across the globe have used MyPRGenie to build a comprehensive, PR strategy that increases visibility, and helps monitor and engage their audience. For more information, visit

Contact: Miranda Tan,, 212-807-8300 ext 3

Contact: Deb McAlister-Holland,, 214-340-4774


Source: MyPRGenie