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February 2014
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By Accesswire-MYPRG

New York, NY – ACCESSWIRE – March 1, 2014 / – amberSpire, the hospitality lifestyle and product platform for 24/7 inspiration to live ‘The Height of Hospitality’, debuts the first stage of its brand identity today. Merging original editorial content with innovative technology, amberSpire’s cutting edge platform offers a rich and inspiring journey for its users, connecting them with a world of hospitality content that is unique to the web: authoritative, imaginative, cutting edge, authentic, and always viral.

amberSpire offers users much to discover-brands, travel, recipes, Pinterest and Instragram inspirations, and an exclusive video series. Advanced technology is constantly learning what each reader prefers, and presents that content directly in front of them at all times. Therefore, the more you visit to, the smarter the technology becomes in recommending articles you’ll continue to enjoy.

“As amberSpire continues its growth and evolution as the leading hospitality-media company, we believe the simplicity of cutting edge content, beautiful photography and video, only begins to truly shine with a product experience and technology that enables discovering the best, most relevant story or brand to research,” says Amber Spire, co-founder and CEO of amberSpire. “With new articles published daily, our website’s experience is step one in a series of launches aimed at letting our readers discover the stories and brands they love. Our goal is to create the most educational, trendsetting, and viral hospitality experience the digital world has to offer.”

The reader experience is a dynamic and innovative transportation into the world of hospitality. With a goal to define amberSpire’s core mission of ‘The Height of Hospitality,’ embodying an educational and trendsetting spirit and always applying the graceful touch that amberSpire is known for into every article, photo, video, recommendation, the company is focused on continuing to build the brand for the reader. “Our identity conveys readers into a new dimension of hospitality. A modern and exciting experience that is the essential style of our brand,” says Michael Gioia, co-founder and President, amberSpire.

amberSpire launched with a mission to curate the best hospitality brands and venues and to bring customers the ultimate discovery dais for exceptional, original hospitality-viral conversation, as well as driving consumers directly to brands. As growth continues into 2014, amberSpire plans to introduce new features to the online experience including an e-commerce opportunity within articles called “Shoppable Features”.

Please visit on March 1st to view the recently launched site!

For more information or to speak with a amberSpire representative, please contact Amber Spire, or 202.577.5622.


ABOUT amberSpire  
amberSpire, an independent hospitality lifestyle platform that delivers nonstop inspiration and education to live ‘The Height of Hospitality’. In addition to its internationally relevant content and 24/7 fascinating editorials, amberSpire connects thousands of visitors every month and has a growing list of subscribers. Offering cutting-edge content, providing industry tips, tricks, and tools individuals need to live ‘The Height of Hospitality’ lifestyle-and share it with the world.

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