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February 2014
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Ship A Car Direct Announces Best Ways To Save On Car Shipping Costs


By Accesswire-MM

The experts at Ship A Car Direct, recently released a list of the best ways to save money when shipping a car, and perhaps even more important, where not to opt for the cheapest option.

Niwot, USA / February 26th, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE / Auto transport is a safe and reliable way to get the vehicle from point A to point B. It saves time, stress, and yes, even money. When taking into consideration the value of the time, lodging, dining, and misc. costs of driving vehicle, it is easy to see why so many people in the U.S. find car shipping services both practical and efficient. To make car shipping even more attractive, the experts at Ship A Car Direct, recently released a list of the best ways to save money when shipping a car, and perhaps even more important, where NOT to opt for the cheapest option.

Tip 1: Look For Seasonal Routes.
There are many common routes that have heavy seasonal traffic, and many carriers will transport vehicles going in the OPPOSITE direction of that heavy traffic, and an extremely discounted rate, sometimes for just the cost of fuel. For example: Moving a car North out of Florida in the winter months.

Tip 2: Meet In A Major City
Most car carriers will charge extra money to cover the extra time, effort, and mileage to perform a pick up or delivery at an address that is a ways off the beaten path. If the shipper agrees to meet at an easily accessible area of the nearest major city, it can dramatically reduce shipping costs.

Tip 3: Be Patient
If time is not a major concern, customers can request a price that most carriers will likely pass on. However, often times the requested route falls into the right time and place, and will get picked up at the desired low rate.

Tip 4: No Surprises
Most car carriers base their estimates on a vehicle that is operational, empty, with no special modifications (stock). Be honest with the carrier regarding the condition and contents of the vehicle for the best rates, and to avoid any extra fees.

Tip 5: Don’t Accept A Bid JUST Because It Is The Lowest.
It is understandable that many believe the best way to save money when shipping a car, is to simply choose the cheapest car carrier quote. Unfortunately, however, that is not always true. Keep in mind when selecting a car carrier, they are NOT all created equal. When dealing with the bottom tier carriers, it is not uncommon to experience poor customer service, delayed shipping times, and reduced coverage or damage guarantees. Work with an experienced car shipping company to identify which carriers have an excellent track record.

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