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April 2014
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New Website Released to Help Independent Musicians


By Accesswire-GNS

Boston MA / ACCESSWIRE / April 9, 2014 / Musician’s Landing™ is a site to assist musicians and bands in performing timely tasks, such as, mailing lists, mailers, and updates. It is a time consuming process to send out mass emails with updates, upcoming performances, and new music, etc. Musician’s Landing™ has developed a site that will do these tasks for you. You create a profile, upload your mailing lists and updates, and Musician’s Landing™ will take care of the rest. Anytime a change is made to your profile, an update can be sent out. Changes to blog entries, new music uploads, and upcoming performances will be on an automated service, notifying your fans of the changes and events. Musician’s Landing™ will assist bands and musicians in promotion and continued contact with their fan base.

Bob Sparks and Founder states:

“My primary goal was to create a platform where bands could sell or share their music online. I wanted the artists to set the price and have direct access to their hard-earned proceeds – simple enough. But once I got going, I realized that Musicians Landing™ could satisfy a lot of the administrative needs that indie bands now have to tackle in order to compete in today’s market. It was then I decided to create a one-stop automated music forum: a more comprehensive site that would allow artists to communicate with each other, create and send notifications automatically to their fan base, blog, share bios, search for other band members. Musicians Landing™ is about putting the artists back in the drivers seat.”

Letting fans hear your music, Musician’s Landing™ provides a platform for musicians to sell their music directly. Songs can be posted for listening only, downloadable for free or a price set by the musician, Musician’s Landing™ does not charge a fee for transactions. They have set up the means on their website for the artist to manage their own account.

Help wanted postings, Musician’s Landing™ has taken a wanted posting one step further, after a posting has been performed their application looks for the type of musician the band is looking for and sends out notifications for the wanted listing. By being proactive it is more likely that a band can fill the position and keep their commitment. The days of searching the want adds can be over.

Booking requests is yet another feature, every profile has a booking request button so anyone viewing a profile who needs a musician or band can just click the request enter the details and Musician’s Landing™ will send out a notification. Their booking feature is yet another way we help independent artists be independent.

This is just the beginning; over time, Musician’s Landing™ plans on adding more functionality so that musicians can devote their time to what they do best: composing music.

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About Musicians Landing:

Musician’s Landing™ is a site to assist musicians and bands in performing timely tasks, such as, mailing lists, mailers, and updates. It is also a site for selling music with all of the proceeds going directly to the musicians and bands, this site is completely free no membership fees or commissions.

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Robert Sparks

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