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April 2014
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Bay Fastening Systems Credits Strong Rivets for Solid Structure of Eiffel Tower


By fishbat

In response to an article published by Web Pro News, Bay Fastening Systems, a full services distributor of engineered fastening systems, discusses the Eiffel Tower’s 125th birthday and the success of its rivets

BOHEMIA, NY / / ACCESSWIRE / April 13, 2014 / Bay Fastening Systems, a full service distributor of engineered fastening systems, credits the strength of rivets for the Eiffel Tower’s long-lasting structure.

According to the article published by Web Pro News on April 1 titled, “The Eiffel Tower Celebrates Its 125th Birthday,” the Eiffel Tower is one of the most memorable monuments in the world and visited by more than 7 million people every year. While most people know that the Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris, they typically don’t know all the history behind it or what it took to construct the masterpiece.

The article says that Gustave Eiffel, a French engineer, designed and constructed the Eiffel Tower in 1889 for the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. Nearly 300 workers built the structure, using 18,038 pieces of wrought iron and 2.5 million rivets. “The tower surviving 125 years was not the original plan. When it was built, it was only supposed to be a temporary monument, and was to be torn down in 20 years,” the article explains.

Michael Eichinger, the vice president and COO of Bay Fastening Systems, a pop rivet distributor, says strong rivets and overall structure contributed to the monument’s stable stature. “As the Eiffel Tower celebrates its 125th birthday, you have to wonder how it stayed in such good shape, especially with thousands of people climbing to the top each day,” he says. “Rivets are extremely strong and can last very long, which is why they are used in the construction of bridges, and other metal structures. It’s very impressive that the Eiffel Tower, which was constructed over 125 years ago, is still in great shape today.”

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SOURCE: Bay Fastening Systems 

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