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April 2016
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Black Belt Investments: A Beginner-Friendly Investment Research Tool is Coming Soon


The startup brings a unique blend of two concepts: investment research tool and investment education

TORONTO, ON, April 09, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — Black Belt Investments, a technology startup, announces that it started an Indiegogo campaign since the development of, a newbie-friendly investment research tool, heads into the homestretch. The web application will be launched in June 2016 and it intends to help novices in fundamental investing.

Black Belt Investments is an investment research tool which should solve two problems: it should help novices to start practical investing with ease and it should provide the rookies with investing education needed. A video is available to learn more about the project.

Alexander Vostrykov, a founder and CEO of Black Belt Investments, explains the key idea of the project: “Investment research tools are typically built by professionals for professionals. So, they are newbie-unfriendly: you either have to blindly trust some experts or you will be dazzled with the amount of information which you don’t know how to use. It is like the following situation: you came to a school and you want to learn maths. You pay tuition fees and you are offered different courses: algebra, geometry, integral calculus etc. But all of these is too advanced for you. You ask: “Guys, do you have something simpler, like arithmetic for beginners?” But they say no. And you have the choice: either to learn arithmetic yourself and then proceed with more advanced stuff or to dump the idea of learning maths… Many brand-new investors give up when they face this problem. To help them out we created Black Belt Investments”.

The company plans to launch in June 2016 and started the Indiegogo campaign as the first step in marketing it.

About Black Belt Investments Inc.
Black Belt Investments Inc. is a technology startup from Toronto. The company focuses on financial software and is dedicated to helping brand-new value investors.