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April 2016
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Law Of Attraction Coaching Releases It’s New 30 Day Coaching E-Course With Amazing Free Bonus


By Law of Attraction Coaching

PORTLAND, OR / ACCESSWIRE / April 15, 2016 / The Law of Attraction is all the buzz nowadays, but few really understand how to apply this law to their life. The ground-breaking movie “The Secret” featuring Bob Proctor brought the concept to the American public, but the idea of universal laws that shape our reality have been known for thousands of years. In fact, the majority of historic figures, business leaders, and politicians have used this law knowingly or unknowingly to manifest the success they have today. You may be asking yourself, what is the law of attraction? Today your in luck, because the premier law of attraction coaching community is now offering a 30-day coaching program and a free PDF book “The Science of Getting Rich” to get you started. That’s right, is now offering a 30-day E-course exploring the secret law for absolutely no charge to you. Plus, the second you sign up for this free coaching course you will instantly receive the best-selling book The Science of Getting Rich.

In the movie, “The Secret“, Bob Proctor introduced this concept to the American people. Bob is the best-selling offer and legendary success coach who has helped thousands of people reach their dreams. In fact, Bob is so good at teaching these concepts wealthy business leaders from around the world fly him to their home and pay him thousands of dollars per hour to teach them about manifesting success into their life. One of Bob’s mentors was Earl Nightingale who was a radio personality, motivational speaker, and author of the book “The Strangest Secret“. Bob often talks about the day his path to success was set in motion and his life changed forever. As a young boy Bob was a slacker, a loser, and basically failed at everything he did, until one day someone offered him a book to read. The book he was given was “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. After his first reading, Bob had a giant paradigm shift because it exposed him to an entirely different way of thinking. Using the coaching and insights laid out in the book Bob Proctor went on to make millions of dollars and become one of the leading success coaches on the planet. Bob Proctor is one of our featured coaches here at Law of Attraction Coaching and you can find all his amazing products on his coaching page.

Our 30-day coaching program is designed to help you increase your wealth and success in life through a proven process. People do not create large amounts of wealth by accident, instead, they use scientific techniques, repetition, and focus on creating their destiny. Our success formula is not a quick fix solution, instead, we slowly and methodically teach you to re-program your brain for success. In fact, your thinking and focus are the primary reason you either succeed or fail in business and life. In the best-selling book, “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill explains how your thinking is literally creating and controlling the results you’re receiving. A large portion of people new to the Law of Attraction will not believe this. They wrongfully believe that their thoughts have no relation or connection to their results. Instead, they believe success is an accident and people simply “get lucky” sometimes in business and life. The truth is every idea and thought you entertain in your brain is being retained by the sub-conscious mind. Over time, your subconscious will recognize which thoughts are the most dominate and compel the mind and body into taking action on these thoughts. Through the use of affirmations, positive thinking, and repetition you can literally program your subconscious mind for success. If this is the first time you’ve heard this information then you might find it hard to believe. That’s alright, we’re not asking you to believe anything right now, just simply keep an open mind.

Many people mistakenly believe their results are simply a result of the actions they perform on a daily basis. Instead, your results are dictated by your thinking and where you direct your focus. In our 30-day Free Coaching Program, we will give you practical tips, tricks, and tactics that will increase your progress and earn potential. When it comes down to it, most people want to increase the amount of money they make. There is no faster way to increase your income then to apply the law to every aspect of your life and business. The law of attraction is not a magic formula, but instead, it’s the simple act of programming your subconscious mind to create a blueprint or roadmap for the quickest possible path to riches. In this process, there is no substitute for hard work and dedication. Riches will not come to people who simply think they will become rich, instead, you have to think and then act on these thoughts. Napoleon Hill talks about specialized knowledge as being the key to riches. In fact, no amount of general knowledge about the world, sports, or even your business will bring you great riches. In order to become wealthy, you must become an expert in a particular field that is in demand and that others are willing to pay you money in exchange for your service or product. Through the use of affirmations and study, you can create a certainty about yourself and your destiny that will resonate with others and drastically increase the speed at which you acquire wealth.

Are you ready learn from the greatest success coaches in the world? Our course takes the best teachings from:

-Tai Lopez
– Bob Proctor
– Stephen Covey
– Tony Robbins
– Napoleon Hill
– John Maxwell
– Eckhart Tolle
– Wayne Dyer
– Earl Nightingale
– Wallace Wattles
– Grant Cardone

Then, we combine their wisdom and knowledge and put it together into one powerful course. If you apply the lessons revealed in this course, your life will never be the same. Plus, when you sign up we will instantly send you a Free PDF copy of the legendary wealth creation book “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles for free. So what do you have to lose? Sign up with your email today!

Free E-course and PDF Book:

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