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March 2018
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Olympus Genetics Pty Ltd Now Offers Australia Wide Proactive Genetic Testing in Partnership with Invitae of San Francisco, CA


By Olympus Genetics Pty Ltd.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / March 13, 2018 / Medical clinic and research facility Olympus Genetics Pty Ltd, based in Sydney Olympic Park, NSW, Australia, are pleased to announce the provision of medical services relating to the use of the INVITAE Inc Proactive Genetic Testing of approximately 139 Genes including 50 cancer genes, 50 cardiovascular genes and approximately 39 other genetic traits. More details can be obtained from

Proactive testing is important and covers the information below:

– Informs healthy individuals about their risk for certain genetic conditions.

– Analyzes up to 139 genes related to inherited cancers, cardiovascular conditions, and more.

– Includes post-test consultation with a board-certified genetic counselor for patients.

– Test results have a clear medical basis and are clinically actionable.

– Supports proactive healthcare in conjunction with a medical provider.

– Additional test options for a focused look at genetic risks specifically related to either cancer or cardiovascular conditions.

The Directors of Olympus Health Group, Dr’s Peter Vickers and Richard Vickers, are acknowledged specialist surgeons and are pleased to offer genetic testing services amongst the 5 medical centres in Sydney Australia.

Olympus Genetics Pty Ltd has partnered with a large American genetics company, Invitae Inc. of San Francisco, CA, to offer the Australian genetic testing service with a 7-10 day turnaround for collection through to online results and genetic counselling. There are many cancers of the body that have a gene defect that may be picked up by screening. Similarly with cardiovascular diseases including cardiomyopathy.

Collection is easily undertaken with either a blood or salivary sample. The samples are collected in Sydney and under strict international conditions are prioritised air freight to the west coast of the USA where they are processed in a world class, FDA approved laboratory in San Francisco, California. The results are available online and/or patients are subsequently advised of their results at our Olympus Circular Quay Medical Centre, 238 George Street, Sydney office.

Associate Professor Vickers says: ”Genetic testing or screening for genetic diseases has an important role in preventive medicine as well as the ability to being able to give the patients family a similar prognostic outcome.” The Olympus Health Group is at the forefront of personalised medicine. For instance we have introduced Stem Cell treatment amongst our medical centres and patients are requesting treatment.

Professor Vickers stated that Stem Cell Therapy is a highly effective means of alleviating pain and discomfort for people suffering a variety of conditions ranging from MS to neuropathic facial pain. Olympus Stem Cells are one of Sydney’s best Stem Cell Therapy providers, with a proven track record of providing safe, effective treatment and expert care for our patients. Olympus has a strong focus on research and development and is working hard to constantly further the advancement of stem cell techniques around the world. Our research has been published internationally in peer-reviewed medical and science journals, plus our laboratory boasts some of the best state-of-the-art biotechnology equipment in Australia.

Olympus Genetics Pty Ltd is one of the few companies in Australia able to offer the analysis of a subset of approximately 139 genes in a timely and cost effective manner. Olympus Stem Cells Pty Ltd is one of the few companies undertaking ground breaking stem cell treatment in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. More information on the Olympus clinics and the work that they do can be obtained at

Associate Professor Vickers’ recent research publications pertaining to genetics, stem cells and facial pain are extensive. These publications include Human Brain Mapping, the Australian Endodontic Journal, Hair Therapy and Transplantation, The Journal of Neuroscience, Diagnosing Dental and Orofacial Pain, the Journal of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Medicine Today (the journal of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners), the Open Journal of Dentistry and Oral Medicine, and the Journal of Pain Research. More information on Associate Professor Vickers’ work can be obtained at

Contact Olympus Genetics Pty Ltd:

Professor Russell Vickers
+61 4277 11 888
Olympus Stem Cell Centre, Sydney Olympic Park, 5 Australia Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW, Australia

SOURCE: Olympus Genetics Pty Ltd

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