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August 2018
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WNC Founder Dennis Na Provided Insights on Medical Blockchain Industry at 2018 Block Chain Investment Strategy Framework Summit


By Wellness Chain

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 12, 2018 / On Aug. 10, 2018, GFP Block Chain Investment Strategy Framework Summit, which jointly sponsored by LONAN and Cloud Valley Foundation Ltd., was conducted at the Golden Hall, Jinan Shandong. Over 1500 attendees, including more than hundred blockchain experts, over thirty well-known financial investment institutions and more than fifty media opinion leaders co-negotiated the innovation and development of blockchain core techniques that are pushing forward the new development of information technology industry. Dennis Na, the founder of WNC or Wellness Chain, was among the thought leaders of the global blockchain industry who attended the summit.

The summit was also attended by a number of famous and eminent people and institutions which are playing important role in the broad-spectrum growth of the blockchain industry, including the likes of Shandong TV, Sequoia Capital, HUOBI, Softbank China Venture Capital, Wechat Pay, GIANT International, IDG and WNC founders etc. At the roundtable forum, all these attendees convened to achieve a deep communication among the fund administrators, overseas and domestic investors and blockchain projects.

As a representative of the medical blockchain industry, Dennis Na, the founder of WNC (Wellness Chain) was invited to deliver a keynote speech on the theme of “Block Chain Innovates Production Relationship and Reshapes a Healthy Medical Ecosphere.”

Mr. Dennis Na underlined that since the medical industry joined hands with the blockchain technology, “a healthy medical intelligent blockchain collaborative platform”, which is also dubbed as the medical health ecosystem, will be set up to integrate IOT or Internet of Things and AI or Artificial Intelligence with a super medical account. This collaborative platform will benefit healthcare practitioners, workers and patients by setting up a medical environment which is much healthier and more transparent. He Bo, the founder of LONAN, said the great potential of WNC will definitely shock the whole world in the future.

“Human being is the core of everything. WNC’s medical ecological construction will get users to take part in each step. By now, urban communities have been set up in Shenzhen, Changsha, and Ji’nan, where what users are thinking about can be read and assessed with the help of face-to-face conversations. Actually, the ideology held by the activity “100-City Plan” sponsored by LONAN and CVF is the same as ours. Later, we will work together to bring medical benefits to all the Chinese citizens”, said Dennis Na.

On the sidelines of the summit, Dennis was also interviewed by Yun Cai Jing. He introduced the scenarios healthcare industry consumers are going to go through in the future during the interview. “In the future, if somebody wants to see a doctor, AI will do an intelligent analysis for their health. After the analysis, it will give out the most scientific and the most rational medical solutions and select the most suitable hospitals for the patient. Registration will be done online. By the time a patient would reach the doctor’s office, the physician has already become aware of their health status. During the diagnosis, the patient’s medical information will be uploaded according to the doctor’s instructions. If they need to buy some medicines, the medicines can be searched via IOT so that patients do not end up buying fake or expired medicines”, he said.

“When the doctor starts medical treatment, he or she will get the POV awarded by WNC platforms. On the other hand, patients can pay by legal tender, medical insurance or token. WNC will store patient data in patients’ respective super accounts by a Hash algorithm, and the data will finally be stored in a databank confirmed by the government. We are still working on exploring the market for medical blockchain technology. We will stick to the mission “Wellness For All.” WNC sincerely hopes that it can serve all people in the world and in the future, we can set up digital health assets which are transparent and healthy.” Mr. Dennis Na.


SOURCE: Wellness Chain

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