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May 2019


Raise Production Inc. Announces First Quarter Results and Provides Operations Update


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Calgary, Alberta–(Newsfile Corp. – May 28, 2019) – Raise Production Inc. (TSXV: RPC) (“Raise” or the “Company”) has released its financial results for the three months ended March 31, 2019.


  • The Company continues to grow its footprint with the HARPTM technology in Canada.
  • The Company has been chosen as the exclusive supplier of choice for a Northern Alberta growing E&P company with over 40 wellbores.
  • The performance of the Generation 2 HARPTM installs in the USA have driven incremental sales with new customers.
  • For the quarter ended March 31, 2019, revenue earned on the sales of the Company’s HARPTM increased 46% compared to the prior year quarter.


The Company is pleased to provide an update to its shareholders on its financial results and recent activities related to its operations.

The Company has three systems that can be used independently or in combination in horizontal wellbores:

  1. the High Angle Reciprocating Pump (“HARPTM“);
  2. the Raise Efficient Artificial Lift (“REALTM“); and
  3. the Horizontal Artificial Recovery Technology (“HARTTM“).

HARPTM (High Angle Reciprocating Pump)


The Company continues to see excellent results from Generation 2 installs over the last six months. Based on these results the Company has been informed that a Northern Alberta operator will install the HARPTM technology in all new drilled wells based on the performance of the first three trial installs completed over the last 3-4 months. The operator will also install the HARPTM technology into their existing wellbores once the original pumps need replacing. The decision to utilize the HARPTM technology was based on consistent production rates and elimination of gas locking resulting in greatly reduced operator time at the well head. The Company will be focusing on this area as different operators in the area will be experiencing similar issues with existing technology.

The Company continues to focus on Cardium and Glauconite formations as primary targets for its technology. As weather permits and site access is viable, four (4) new installs are slated for both Cardium and Glauconite wellbores. Raise’s sales group is working diligently to identify the highest probability candidates and as recent results have shown, this focused approach is paying dividends as the Company expects significant installations.


Installs in the USA continue to perform well. Based on these results Raise’s USA distributor, Endurance Lift Solutions (“ELS”), has recently installed an additional four (4) HARPTM systems in both the Permian and other South Texas fields. A second install for a major Permian player (6000+ wellbores) is expected within the next few days based on performance of the first HARPTM install. ELS continues to gain traction with early adopters of this technology.

REALTM (Raise Efficient Artificial Lift)

The Company is seeking early adopters and is confident that it will have an operator installing a REALTM system over the next few months in Canada after break-up. Risk aversion and budget constraints are significant factors in the delay getting this technology to commercialization in the Canadian landscape. ELS in the USA has also been in discussions with operators for installs in Texas and Oklahoma and will be hiring a technical lead person to head up this specific technology.

HARTTM (Horizontal Artificial Recovery Technology)

As stated in the last press release, the Company continues to have discussions with potential partners to further develop and promote the HARTTM technology and will update shareholders when new developments occur.

Overall, the Company is excited for the coming months and it looks forward to increasing its sales, customer base and product breadth throughout North America and internationally.

The Company is also providing an updated investor package in early June 2019.

Eric Laing, President & Chief Executive Officer said:

“We are extremely encouraged with the latest results from the HARPTM technology. As more operators become aware of the benefits of adding the Company’s other offerings, such as the REALTM and the HARTTM they will mitigate decline rates, add value through increased reserve recovery and reduced operating costs. The Company would like to thank all its shareholders for their continued support and encouragement.”

The Company was showcased in the EnergyNow daily news in Canada and the USA on April 22, 2019.

Please use the link below to view the article on the Company’s LinkedIn page:

Statements of Loss and Comprehensive Loss

Three Months ended March 31
2019 2018
Revenue $ 213,725 $ 146,239
Cost of sales 143,731 114,608
Gross margin 69,994 31,631
Other Income 6,825
General and administration 461,802 391,205
Depreciation and amortization 58,188 20,000
Research expenses 39,795 39,664
Stock-based compensation 39,186 88,370
Finance costs 10,964 964
609,935 540,203
Net loss and comprehensive loss $ (533,116) $ (508,572)
Net loss per share – basic and diluted $ (0.00) $ (0.01)

About Raise Production Inc.

The Company is an innovative oilfield technology company that focuses its efforts on the production service sector, utilizing its proprietary products to enhance and increase ultimate production in both conventional and unconventional oil and gas wells.

For further information please contact:

Tom Kehoe, Investor Relations

Eric Laing, President and Chief Executive Officer

Susan Scullion, Chief Financial Officer

Raise Production Inc.
2620-58th Avenue S.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2C 1G5
Tel: (403) 699-7675
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