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The MONEY Vertical is in all the things we do online, in print, through media, by video and on television. MONEY is a big, important and meaningful aspect of every Canadians life. We take this knowledge to heart and make sure the one message gets to more and the many. There are place in Canada that are remote and far away where information and experience is even more valuable for the have not.

MONEY is determined to be one of a few niche and darling companies in Canada that although are commercial in nature and professional financial advertisers. MONEY uses this lofty excuse and our powerful position to ensure that knowledge is power and it is free and widely distributed to those in Canada that need it most.

When and why to you need help with MONEY and financial assistance, education or information to do the right thing under average or more difficult circumstances.

MONEY Help is for those have little or nothing and those that had it all only to come full circle and mostly the average Canadian that wants, warrants and needs our care, follow up and attention to details.

Many Canadians have problems and issues and still many fall under a normal standard of living where children and young adults suffer more.

Poverty alleviation can be a long term goal but Canadian financial literacy is today's battle field. We need help and assistance to ensure our survival to in fact to the right thing.

Help us, help others to make a real and noticeable difference by volunteering, contributing articles, donating or advertise with our premium financial service marketing services.

ME and MY MONEY® » Insurance

MONEY® Forum The MONEY Forum

03/12/17 10:16 pm

MONEY® Forum - The MONEY Forum and next financial event near, in and around you.


08/23/16 7:41 pm

MONEY.CA is highly ranked on yahoo google bing and youtube and is popular with social media, Canadian financial consumers and is a favorite of The Advisor Channel. MONEY represents Canadian money at the highest level. MONEY online is the destination place for the average Canadian who needs to make, ...

Generate New Sales: Mark Borkowski

01/11/15 2:22 pm

Its your call: How to generate new sales prospects. Humor me for a second. Think back to the last deal you closed and ask you, “Who was the decision maker I had to reach and influence? How did I do it?” The reason I asked you to think about that is because there will always […]

Financial advertising, marketing and sales without the 56% google inefficiency.

12/07/14 12:05 pm

Google admits that advertisers wasted their money on more than half of internet ads By  http://qz.com/author/zwenerflignerqz/ Online advertising is a fickle thing. It accounts for 20% of the ad industry’s total spending, and over 90% of revenue for the internet giants Google and Facebook. That ...

Getting Tax Credits for Your Unwanted Life Insurance

05/04/14 10:00 am

Ten or twenty years ago, you purchased a life insurance policy. It was part of a good financial plan to keep your family protected in case of the unthinkable. Today, the mortgage is paid off, your family is grown, your retirement plan is in place and the insurance that once provided peace of mind is...

YOU and YOUR MONEY® » Insurance

How to Save Money on Your Home Insurance

04/15/17 7:18 am

Insurance is not always a top priority if you don’t have much spare cash. People often forgo insurance when they are struggling to buy food or put fuel in the family SUV.  This is understandable, but insurance should never be regarded as an optional extra. In some instances, insurance is compulsory. In many countries, it […]

Why no exam life insurance policies may be the right option for you

01/04/17 5:01 pm

When it comes to life insurance policies there are plenty of different ones to choose from. The majority of policies will ask that you undergo an underwriting process that includes a medical exam to take place. But not all of them. Not long ago, you would pay dearly for the right to skip the exam, […]

When you Should Go With “No Exam” Life Insurance

11/18/16 3:29 pm

The idea of “no exam” life insurance can be a real problem with insurance advisors looking to decide if it is right for their client or not. No exam life insurance typically comes with less coverage, with an average of under $400,000. These policies are also often more expensive than medically underwritten policies. Another problem […]

What’s Asset Protection Insurance (“API™”)

03/04/16 10:15 am

While many are versed on home insurance, life insurance, car insurance and health insurance, few people know about the importance of Asset Protection Insurance (API™). Asset Protection Insurance protects and safeguards assets from a variety of threats including litigation and creditor claims.  Individuals and business entities use asset protection techniques to limit creditors’ access to […]

Every Retiree should Have a Pension!

12/25/15 12:49 pm

Written by Steve Nyvik, BBA, MBA ,CIM, CFP, R.F.P. Financial Planner and Portfolio Manager, Lycos Asset Management Inc. When you’re retired, it generally makes good sense to have some part of your wealth producing a regular monthly income no matter how long you live.  If you don’t have a defined benefit pension, then you might […]

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