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Welcome to where we look at things differently and for example we see both sides of a coin.  In the world of money most know it is a cut-throat business and often times there will be blood in the streets.

As governments fold over debt, companies and corporations fail and cities and towns file for bankruptcy the good news is that the individual is not alone and now joined by rich, elite and greedy people and corporations.

It seems like a great time to start something new and lasting.  It is not about the euro and the green back nor the economies behind any countries that would hold us back rather it is the new local economies that will propel us forward.

We are starting with those who know it all and are willing to tell the truth about it.  Canadian financial authors, writers and bloggers have a collective story to tell that is to be well documented drama of what all can go wrong and what we all have to do to correct it.

Austerity measures for all and not just some countries and some corporations.  The standard of living for Canada’s poorest and under-served segments starts by you pulling up the rest of us in your small but efficient business and it all begins with education, knowledge and confidence.  What can you do to help with Canadian Financial Literacy starting in your own backyard and then being neighborly is the right thing to do and now is the right time.

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James Dean

James Dean - President ~ Money Canada Limited (MONEY.CA)