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MONEY® Canada Limited, a 100% Canadian owned financial media company publishes its eagerly anticipated print offering – MONEY® Magazine.

 MONEY® Magazine is has been in existence for a number of years, and is picking up its momentum now as the Canadian financial markets prepare to enter their busiest time of year. Packed with feature articles from some of Canada’s best financial writers, MONEY® Magazine hopes to capture an audience among both seasoned investors as well as those new to the investing world. Experts in the realm of Canadian Money a most important and meaningful subject matter.

With Financial Literacy as its primary goal, MONEY® Canada Limited is proud to announce this newest edition of MONEY® Magazine. Reached for a comment in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Owner and Publisher, James Dean had this to say about the awaited issue, ‘We’ve worked very hard to provide real journalism, opinion, and insight from some of Canada’s best [writers]… we’ve got something for everyone in the this issue. Real Canadians can learn a great deal from our publication.”

In addition to the great news, reviews, and interviews published for the benefit of the readers, MONEY® Magazine is also pleasing financial advertisers with this new high-gloss, high definition full color magazine. The next issue of MONEY® Magazine comes out in January 2013. Advertisers are encouraged to call MONEY® Advertising for rates and bookings 416-360-0000.

 MONEY® Canada Limited is a publisher of financial content across all media. From websites and magazines, to books, blogs, and broadcast quality video, MONEY® is Canada’s premiere choice for financial services advertising, marketing, and promotion. Canadian Money Magazine and Money Magazine online are synonymous with the MONEY Newsletter and the MONEY Magazine full four color process publication.

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Gerald Trites – Me and My Money – Technology Thursday

Gerald Trites has technology and information technology down to a science. Trites with practical years of knowledge behind him he continues to explain and explore all things computer related.  Gerald has a lot of experience and while in his pursuit to author important e-commerce related information, collateral and books he has some time to carefully explain new and important concepts to MONEY readers, followers and subscribers.

Gerald Trites is interested in learning, sharing and continuously growing and recommends the same to all others. Gerald is a positive influence to MONEY.CA and so he was asked to teach by example and author as a “You and Your Money” financial writer for his favorite subject material of “technology”. This technical-genius has made his authoring skills and his expert in subject matter available to tell the continuing story and evolution of  Internet and computer products, services and applications.  Thursday is Gerald Trites Day each and every Thursday one of the smartest, experienced computer geeks and Internet aficionado tells the rest of us in laymen terms what is happening fast and furiously in the computer age. Gerald is senior editor The MONEY Networks latest site and collaboration – coming soon to Technology Thursday on MONEY.CA

Gerald Trites – Me and My Money – Technology Thursday





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