Jim Yih is coming to the YOU and YOUR MONEY ® Blogoll

Helping People Take Away The Stress Of Money

Today, Jim devotes his career to developing ideas, tools and strategies to help corporations, organizations and people create more success, wealth and happiness through his company The Think Box. Jim spends most of his time helping employers and employees by bringing financial education into the workplace as a complement to existing benefit and wellness programs.

Although Jim’s expertise is rooted in the wealth and financial industry, he firmly believes that money is not everything. To be happy, you need to find balance between life and wealth. You need to remove the clutter and stress to live happier. Jim devotes much of his career to helping others find wealth, happiness, simplicity and balance in life. Life is about quality not quantity, inner abundance not material abundance, connecting and contributing not just communicating.

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Even before work, Jim is a family man. He finds inspiration daily through the support of his wife Elizabeth and his four boys Robbie, Connor, Jason and Brandon. Jim enjoys many sporting activities, especially golf and tennis.