WordPress and Internet of Things – An Overview

Now that the hype about social media and E-commerce has faded substantially, the next happening thing that is fast catching the fancy of people and particularly entrepreneurs is the so called IOT or Internet of Things. The fact that innumerable “internet enabled devices” are making inroads into the consumer market and that WordPress is only too happy to “embrace it” makes the entire phenomenon even more exciting. More about the same subject has been discussed in the paragraphs that follow. So, read in for better insight.

Internet of Things and its impact on human race

This aspect is expected to change every facet of human life. Right from so called optimization of your homes to the manner in which you travel, there is a revolutionary shift in the lives of human beings.

How will it improve lifestyle? Experts are of the opinion that it will enhance the quality of life, improve productivity and output at workplace, carry out analysis of data effectively, which will materialize without the assistance of any machinery. Prior to delving deeper, let us find out, what is IOT in the first place.

The inventor of Internet of Things is Kevin Ashton. However, the concept prevailed even way back in the 1970s and was referred to as “pervasive computing”. The other name for it was “embedded internet”.

What is Internet of Things

When several devices are connected through the internet, it is called IOT. In other words, it means the devices that are connected will be-

  • Interactive
  • Autonomous
  • Have intelligence
  • Stay connected at all times

Generally speaking, it is all about providing information to us through these internet enabled devices or to the applications that are cloud based. And what are these devices in the first place? These devices can range from washing machines, refrigerators, mobiles phones, machinery, or any equipment.

WordPress and IOT

Implementation of IOT in WordPress domain is possible. One of the most popular technologies that have surfaced lately is that of WP REST API, the short form for Word Press Representational State Transfer. This makes it possible for WordPress and IOT to work in tandem effectively and in a much easier manner. Let us see how-

  • Let us say, you are a professional blogger. Being one, it is quite natural you will receive comments. IOT and WordPress can be worked out in a manner in which you receive a notification by setting up a bell. This bell will ring the moment you receive a comment on the post or you need to reply promptly to your visitors.
  • As a business owner, you have to attain a target. You can set up “flagging” off this instance. Whenever, your company achieves the sale target, it will flag off.
  • Most importantly, you can make IOT and WordPress work in tandem by making an arrangement wherein you receive a message on your mobile the moment your website suffers downtime. It will help you to take instant action to carry out the troubleshooting process.
  • There are several other instances, when WordPress as well as Internet of Things can work in tandem. One such instance is so called “sensor-to-machine” arrangement. In this arrangement, WordPress is essentially the sensor.

Future of Internet of Things

  • Experts are of the opinion that by the year 2020, IOT market will have crossed $3 trillion.
  • Also, by the same year (2020), the Business Insider states that there will be around 24 billion IOT enabled devices that will be connected virtually far exceeding the recorded 10 billion computing devices (traditional) that include desktop computer, hand held devices, and smart phones.
  • Gartner anticipates that by the year 2022, a single household might have IOT enabled devices that can exceed 500 in number.

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