Sunil Tulsiani, the man who wants to make you a millionaire

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need a mentor. Someone that has walked the path you chose and succeeded. In real estate investment, there are few people that are as qualified to serve as a guide as Sunil Tulsiani.

With names like Robert G. Allen and Robert Kiyosaki, the before mentioned claim might sound a little exaggerated. However, Mr. Tulsiani not only has achieved huge financial success during his career but he has also managed to develop an exceptional level empathy that makes him the logic choice.

According to more than a hundred recommendations on his LinkedIn profile, Sunil has helped several people learn how to create, maintain and develop stable sources of income. Moreover, many of his apprentices go on to become industry leaders and give speeches about real states investment. Or as Nam Ratna says:


“We hired Sunil as our mentor a couple of months ago and in less than 90 days, we had more than doubled our investment! Furthermore, my partner/brother has shared stage with Brian Tracy and my other partner is selected to share stage with Robert G. Allen in Toronto. 

I find Sunil to be down to earth, well connected and a top mentor!

We look forward to be part of Sunil’s 100 millionaire list.

Thank you Sunil!!”

As you can see, his clients not only trust Sunil Tulsiani but they also want to make him proud. This inspirational pattern repeats testimonial after testimonial which makes you want to learn more about the man.

Who is Sunil Tulsiani?

Sunil Tulsiani is an entrepreneur that has been reaping the benefits of a successful career in the industry of real estate investment in Canada. He and his family migrated to Toronto in 1981 looking for a better life.

During an interview with the Canadian Real Estate Magazine, he explained he and his family lived in a “difficult area of Toronto.” But he didn’t let the challenge of being an immigrant nor the toxic environment that surrounded him corrupt his convictions. And as soon as he could, he went on to accomplish his first professional dream: Becoming a police officer.

Being a minority in the force, Sunil Tulsiani had to work twice as hard as his colleagues, and after years of “catching the bad guys,” he attained the rank of platoon commander. But, after 15 years of sacrificing his personal life for his job, he needed a change.

So, he took a year’s leave and decided to become financially independent. He wanted to spend more time with his family.

With that goal in mind, Sunil started attending as many business conferences as he could, until he stumbled upon Robert G. Allen’s $5000 workshop. Not 7 days had passed, when Tulsiani purchased his first condo covering only 5% of the full investment. Following the best practices in the industry and using tricks he picked up on the road, he managed to earn almost a million dollars in profit during his first year as an investor.

The creation of the Private Investment Club

His success in the real estate world gave Sunil Tulsiani name recognition, and before he realized it, a public speaking career started to take form.

“I was petrified. I was always the shy guy in meetings, so to go up on stage was very daunting,” Mr. Tulsiani on his first speech.

Sunil overcome his shyness and quickly became a confident and reliable speaker. Moreover, the tips and tactics he shared were so valuable that more and more people started to attend his conferences.

So, the former police officer decided he wanted to help others achieve the same level of success he was enjoying as a real estate investor. His goal? Transforming 100 unknown individuals into millionaires. It sounds crazy, but there was a clear strategy behind it all.

The solution was simple and elegant. Sunil was going to gather a group of like-minded people that wanted to thrive in the real estate industry, regardless their background. He called it the Private Investment Club, and this organization’s objective was to provide its members with the tools to become high-performing investors.

From coaching to financial support, the members of PIC started cooperating with one another with a simple goal in mind: Making money investing in properties. The initiative took off as PIC collaborators’ portfolio started to grow, establishing Sunil Tulsiani as a guru of real estate investment.

A big mistake that could have killed the guru’s reputation

Tulsiani met Joe Henry Chau in 2007. The latter was a developer working on a hotel-condo in Curacao, a famous touristic spot off-shore Venezuela. Usually, business people are wary of projects that are under development, but Sunil had already made millions with similar projects using different tactics to mitigate the risks. So, he took the bait.

His brother flew in to scout the place, and confirmed everything Mr. Chau said was true; it was a good investment opportunity. So, Tulsiani decided to pitch the project to PIC members, and many of them were interested since they only had to cover 10% of the total cost.

Then, the infamous 2008 real estate crisis kicked in which forced Tulsiani and his collaborators to inject capital to keep the project alive. However, Joe Henry Chau had used shady methods to run the initiative, and he was later found guilty of fraud. The result? Tulsiani and several members of the Private Investment Club lost millions of dollars.

That of course affected the guru’s reputation, and many of the people involved even accused him of having deceived them. However, he was cleared of any fraud charges. In despite of that, he took money out of his own pocket to cover some of his client’s loses.

Instead of shutting down his company and accepting defeat, Sunil decided to use the knowledge from that experience to become a wiser investor. Now, he doesn’t take unnecessary risks with pre-construction developments, and clearly explains the risks of investing to anyone that wants to work with him. But, what about his reputation?

The waiting list to join the PIC grows every day. Even after the Curacao fiasco, people still believe in Sunil and want to do business with him. If you want proof, that first recommendation we mentioned at the beginning of the article is from few days ago (February 7, 2018).

If you are considering becoming a property investor and are looking for a reliable mentor, Sunil Tulsiani is the smart bet. You can start by checking out his books and YouTube channel where he gives invaluable entrepreneurship advice. Be warned, you might become a fan after a couple of research hours.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.