From Old School Dialing to Photo-Based Interaction: How Eyecon Is Changing The Way We Think About Communication

In a day and age when communication is primarily mobile-oriented, it is critical to be able to work faster and more expertly than ever before.  Companies from Microsoft to Google are helping us work smarter and more effectively. However, the one area commonly left behind, ironically, is the dialer.  Dialers, like Eyecon (, are literally changing the way people communicate through the use of a proprietary app.

Users can be anyone, of any age, demographic, or location that wish to stay connected in a more intuitive, visual manner.  You can literally see who is calling, or who you wish to call, long before you hit the talk button. While this does, in effect, provide a much easier way to screen calls; it is, more importantly, an easier way to useyour phone book.  The picture-enabled phone book makes calling easier; and because the app is intuitive and user-friendly, setup is a breeze.

Eyecon imitates the natural behavior of people for a more intuitive experience.  It creates an emotional connection even before the call is connected, and it puts people first, and central, to the experience, while updating seamlessly.

Dialers are already changing how people communicate, and have been for a while now.  At a time when remote work is king and people need to feel less isolated, a photo-based dialer not only bridges this gap, but it also enhances one’s sense of security.  

Since the dawn of time, communication has always been an emotional exchange and has driven our actions.  At times, communication is one dimensional; Eyecon changes that. Instead of merely hearing what people are saying; with the app, you can literally see them on your phone.  That intimacy is something everyone needs at different times. The app enhances this by learning your calling habits and preferences for each individual contact in your phone book.  In addition, through its customization features, it shows the user the contacts they are most likely to use at any given moment in time, making the older, more tedious method of searching for numbers outdated.

Interestingly enough, after looking at several other dialers and apps, Eyecon is the only picture-based phone book we could find.  It was designed based on the belief that everyone who calls should identify themselves, so unknown callers are no longer able to get through unless you want them to.  It is simple and it enables you to communicate across messaging and calling platforms from one robust location. According to Yuval Samson, Founder and CEO of Eyecon, “our minds process photos 60,000 times faster than words, and therefore, the task of searching through a large contact list is frustrating, compared with our quick and simple communication experience.  It’s as if we took gravity and made it lighter, but for the brain.”

Eyecon is the only app to feature pictures in two locations: your caller id and your phone book.  The results are based on data people publicize directly about themselves, and on social media. Therefore, users automatically know the information is always up-to-date and posted by potential callers themselves.  

At this point you, the reader, are probably wondering what else the app can do.  Yes, it’s caller id and a phone book on steroids, but it also enables users to make their own calls directly from their social and messaging apps.  In other words, it works across networks, across profiles, and brings it all to your fingertips in one inclusive app. Users can also use the “brand yourself” feature to control what is shown on other phones, especially when calling them for business or professional reasons.

Almost everyone in technology today understands the importance of machine learning and artificial intelligence and the impact of it on almost every aspect of technology – from mobile to social, and beyond.  Because of the impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we are now seeing areas where our technology can learn how we operate – recognizing behaviors and solving old school communication issues. Eyecon is no different and, in fact, is already utilizing these technologies to enhance the calling experience.

The app is available currently on iTunes and Google Play and has millions of installs. Because Samson’s goal is to change the methods, habits, and behaviors related to how we communicate, he has made the app free of charge, and ad free.  “Think of it this way,” says Samson, “it wasn’t that long ago that texting was introduced…now, most people couldn’t live without it. In the same way we adopted texting, we seen an even more rapid adoption of Eyecon.”

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.