What Does Park Home Insurance Actually Cover?

More than a quarter of a million people in the UK currently reside in park homes, and for good reason. It’s a much quieter life than those living in flats in the city can experience, and many residents love it because park homes are easier to maintain and far more affordable than their brick and mortar counterparts. Even if you choose a park home, though, insurance is still a must. Should anything happen to your home or what’s inside, you’ll want to get the coverage your deserve, and a park home policy can do just that, but what exactly does it cover? Take a look.


Your Living Space

No matter how old your park home may be, if something destroys it, your policy will replace it with a new equivalent home. Typically, the replacement costs involved like site clearance and delivery are included with most park home policies. In addition, you may be able to purchase a policy that covers your temporary living accommodations; too, help to make certain your outofpocket costs are kept to a minimum.

Your Stuff

Park home policies also cover what you had inside of your living space. Anything that is damaged beyond repair is typically covered by these policies, so everything from your appliances to your bed linens will be replaced with brand new options so you can move forward. While you’ll want to check to make certain, often even your garden contents can be insured, so ask about that option if you want to keep that gorgeous outdoor table and chair set insured.


Not every claim you make against your park home insurance policy is going to involve damage to your living space or your belongings. Public liability cover is also typically a part of these policies. That means that the legal costs and compensation payments you’re required to pay if someone is injured or their property is damaged and it’s your fault is completely covered. Some policies even offer a legal helpline you can phone in the event anything ever happens on your property.

Understanding the When

Wondering when the coverage kicks in? You’re not alone. Many individuals seeking insurance are concerned about the same thing. Park home insurance is typically used in a number of settings. Storm damage is one of the biggest times claims are filed. Floods and escape of water, though, can also trigger claims. Likewise, you can file a claim in an instance of subsidence. Instances of fire, theft, attempted theft, and vandalism also allow you to file a claim.

While you’re not typically required to have a park home insurance policy, it is more important than ever to make certain your beautiful residence and everything you have in it is protected. We can help. With one of the best policies in the industry and great coverage options, we’ll help to make sure your park home is safe. Ready to learn more, contact us today and ask about park home insurance.

David Jackson

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