Modern Age SEO Practices that Guarantee Success

Shockingly, in a recent news feature published by CNBC, reported a sharp 13% drop in the 4th quarter revenues for 2017. The company went on to explain that the decline was due to dwindling number of search results. This happened due to changes in Google’s algorithms, because of which SEO strategies failed to have a positive impact. This is why SEO companies in Dubai like Nenen, which specialize in providing services for search engine optimization in Dubai, always keep tabs on changing algorithms of prominent search engines to ensure the most effective optimization strategies.

We take a look at some of the proven SEO strategies that the best SEO agencies in Dubai follow for assured success.

Dependable SEO Strategies for the Modern Age

  1. Creating interactive, mobile-friendly sites: Prominent search engines like Google have added “mobile friendliness” as one of the factors determining the ranking of websites. Considering the huge impact the presence of mobile devices has had, this comes as no surprise. This is why websites need to be mobile friendly and interactive, in order to make a mark. The resolution and layout needs to be different to adapt to mobile screens. The same layout and design might not suit a smaller screen as it does a desktop.
  2. Concentrating on local SEO: Local searches have increased manifold in recent times. Companies specializing in online marketing in Dubai or any other major commercial hub will always advise strategies that can ensure visibility in local searches. Prospective customers need to be able to find your contact details, directions to your location, your opening and closing hours and other such relevant information online easily. Catering to searches that have the name of the location in them is extremely important.
  3. Structured data is the way to go: Search engines need to handle truckloads of information in varied formats. They need to inspect every website and literally “understand” them for making their job easier. This is why, systems like “schemas” that allow the data to be represented in a much more structured way proves to be of help to search engines. The digital marketing agency you engage will help you in engaging these schemas for best results.
  4. Being equipped with the right set of tools always matters: Search engine optimization strategies cannot be mastered alone. Of course, you will need assistance from expert SEO strategists. You will also need help from a set of tools that can be used for checking traffic levels, your ranking, results on social media, incoming links and so on. If you have a large website with plenty of traffic to manage, monitoring the results of your SEO strategies can never be easy unless you select the right tools.

Your website is like your brick and mortar store in the online marketplace. Making it visible and attractive will require meticulous planning and timely execution of online marketing and SEO strategies. Make sure you plan well.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.