How to Find a Good Locksmith

Finding the right locksmith can be challenging. A simple Google search will return thousands of results of locksmiths in your area. Many locksmiths use creative advertising to make their services look like they are local and like they offer great deals. The truth is you may be calling a call center on the other side of the world that will dispatch independent contractors to do the job.


Some offer excellent deals on their website. However, when the locksmith actually arrives to do the job, the price they charge is much higher than the price they quoted on their website. The excuse they give is that their price varies depending on the lock. They count on the customer being naïve or having little to no knowledge of how locks work.


Unscrupulous locksmiths also count on the fact that when a person is locked out of their home, their business, or their automobile, they are in a desperate situation. They know that in desperation many people are willing to spend a higher price just to get back inside their automobile or their home.


How can you avoid being bamboozled by less than honest locksmiths? The answer lies in knowing what you need to have done and how much you should pay for the job before the project begins.


Before your locksmith begins to do any work, get a firm price for the job. If possible, have them confirm the price of the job in writing. Do not allow a locksmith to tell you that they need to raise the price because of how complicated your lock is. Most residential locks and automobile locks should be easy pickings for an experienced locksmith. It would be very rare for a person to have a lock on their home or on their automobile that requires a lot of extra effort on the part of the locksmith. If the locksmith company you are working with is vague on pricing or if they say they will not be able to give you a price until they arrive, it’s time to move on.


In most areas, locksmiths need a license. Get their license number, and look them up. Check online review sites for a review of the locksmith you’re considering using. Look at their ratings with the Better Business Bureau. Make sure to find a reputable locksmith. This will give you a good idea about any complaints that they’ve had or problems that other customers have had with them.


When you find a locksmith who you can trust, keep their number readily available. That way, when an emergency happens, you will know who to call.

David Jackson

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