Top 5 myths of accounting career

One of the foundational operations of each and every business is accounting. Accounts play an imperative role within a company which determines it success in many ways. This is why businesses need to hire good teams like Accountant Brisbane to ensure optimal operations.

The growing demand of accountants is the one of the reasons why more individuals are heading towards this field. Every year millions of accountants come into the market looking for jobs. However, there some students change the field due to a number of misconceptions, and to be more precise, myths. Here are the top 5 myths within the accounting career:


  • Mathematics is the base


This is not true. Accounting does not equate to mathematics. There is a difference between both the subjects. Even though both of them require you to be with good with numbers, there are significant differences between both the fields. So if you are planning to drop accounting pathway due to your weaknesses in mathematics, then do not. The role of accountants is more towards analysis and investigation.


  • Accounts is boring


One of the reasons why people divert from this interesting field is the misconception of it being dull and boring. Some say that it suits more introvert personalities. This is not the case at all. In fact, accounts is an interesting field with a room for experimentation. Many successful people who choose accounting move on to interesting career options due to their prior development of analytical, problem solving and communication skills. The job is not at all boring.


  • You will be restricted to computers


There is no doubt to the fact that accounting involves a lot of computing but it is not the only thing you are required to do. There is a lot more to accounts than computers. The daily lives are not only based on sitting at desks and just crunching numbers. The role of accountants is changing gradually due to the advancement in technology. A whole area is related to meeting clients and reaching their needs and objectives.


  • Accounting suits only men


This is a clear-cut misconception that accounting is only for men. This not true at all, especially in this day and age. Even though the gender gap is yet to be closed completely, it is definitely getting closer in the field of accounting. Studies and statistics have shown that more and more women are now getting involved in the accounting field which seems to be a positive indicator for women.


  • Accounts will be replaced by robots


This is another misconception that has restricted many interest students to opt for this field. Even though automation is at its peak and robots are becoming a norm, it is a clear myth that robots will take over the field entirely. The accounting role is getting transformed rather than simply replacing humans. The demand is going nowhere soon. However, the field tends to get more competitive and students need to work harder and smarter.

David Jackson

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