Luxury You Can Afford

It is never wrong to dream of having something, even if it may seem too expensive or hard to attain. You will never know when an opportunity could arise that would be able to help you reach your dream. Since you were a kid, you already probably had a dream car in mind, or maybe even as you are growing up. One of the best cars that most people dream about having is actually a Mini. Although not most people are able to actually get a Mini of their own because it can be expensive. This should not be the case for you because you could actually get a Mini Cooper leasing deal to get your hands on one.


The Mini is a True Icon of British Motoring

There is nothing more patriotic than driving a Mini Cooper. With its British style and design paired with a German engineering, you are guaranteed to have a top-class car that is highly durable with great performance. Built in Britain, it has the same iconic value as the Big Ben, the London Eye, or even a hot plate of fish and crisps. Not to mention that Mini cars also have a racing heritage that conquered the world for decades. It will always have that edge that no other British car could boast about. The beauty in leasing it means that you would be able to get a hold of the iconic Mini Cooper without having to break your bank accounts and pockets.


Cheaper Maintenance 

You would not have to spend so much if you would use a Mini Cooper daily most especially for your city driving. With other car makes and models, you would need to spend on oil change and regular maintenance checks within a few months’ time. Just imagine how much that would cost you within a year. But with a Mini, you could do an oil change and maintenance check-up just every two years. And because it would have a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts up to three years, you would not even have to pay for it in the first three years of driving it – more so if you would only have a lease period of three years, so you do not have to pay for any type of change oil or maintenance check-up at all. This is one of the greatest factors why the Mini Cooper is one of the best city cars you could get your hands on. Not only that, but it actually also has a great gas mileage. Meaning, even if it requires a premium kind of gasoline, it would not cost you as much compared to other cars with similar needs. 


Leasing it Out Would be Way Cheaper 

Buying your very own 5-door Mini Cooper would cost you £18,335 for a manual kind, and £19,735 for an automatic ride. This is the selling price without having to undergo any financing services which would entail your payment to annual interest rates which would be applied depending on the number of years that you would like to pay for the car. Not to mention all of the additional costs you would have shoulder such as registration and insurance fees. If on the other hand, you choose to get a Mini Cooper through leasing, you would only have to pay an initial payment of £799 with a monthly £299 payment for 35 months for a manual car with an 8,000 mileage; and an initial payment of £999 with a monthly payment of £379 for an automatic car with a mileage of 8,000 miles. Not only will you be paying less for the car, but you also would not be subjected to additional costs along the way.


Test It for a Limited Time 

When you lease out a Mini Cooper, there is no commitment for you to stick with the car in let us say, five to ten years down the road. When you buy a car, you would have to stick with it and maximize its value before you get a new one. The sad thing about that scenario is that you would not always be able to resell your car for a high value because of its depreciating nature. With leasing, you would not even have to worry about how to resell the car to prospective buyers and even computing for its resale value. Typically, a lease contract would only last for a minimum of 3 years, which could be extended. If for any reason, you would not be happy with driving a Mini Cooper during those 3 years, you could just simply to choose to lease out a different kind of car after your lease period expires. Because there is no long commitment, there is also no high burden for you to bear.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.