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Thierry LeVasseur is a tech innovator and entrepreneur with credentials in digital security,
particularly in the area of email communication, as well as multi-channel communication

The Vancouver resident has spent the last 25 years honing his expertise in Web-based issues,
concerns and advances and innovating around them. He is known for his dedication to high
value but simple-to- understand ways for organizations to effectively manage their business
communications and content.

Thierry LeVasseur has been particularly forward thinking for his innovations to improve the
security and functionality of today’s e-mail systems. These systems are increasingly vulnerable
to hacks that spread viruses, steal identities and worse.

Through a family of patented advances, LeVasseur has devised a comprehensive solution that
is compatible with existing systems, but improves their security and functionality. The system he
created has versatility and includes multiple features.

Advances that he has patented include:
· Secure transfer of e-mail messages through existing clients and without necessitating
changed e-mail addresses.
· Complete tracking capabilities in connection with their transmission.
· The ability to view information about a message, including other recipients’ responses,
before opting to open it.
· Aggregation of related email conversations into one threaded view.
· Inclusion of private and public messages in a single communication.
· “For your eyes only” features.
· A configurable cryptographic engine for storage.

LeVasseur earned his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Quebec, his
master’s degree in business administration from the University of Ottawa and master’s degrees
in international business from Northeastern University, Boston, and from the Reims Graduate
Business School in France.

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