Top 25 Canadian financial influencers to follow right now

Top 25 Canadian financial influencers to follow right now / Shutterstock


Updated: July 11, 2024

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Financial literacy has never been easier to attain, thanks to the sheer number of influencers who are intent on stripping away the mystery from money – particularly when it comes to smart spending, budgeting and investing. Canada has a thriving community of finance gurus who empower their followers with actionable strategies through their social media channels and blogs. 

We at have compiled a list of the top 25 financial influencers you should know. With social media insights on how to use money-making strategies effectively, our list acts as an exciting who's-who of the personal finance industry, catering to everyone, from those wishing to get smarter about money, to those seeking professional advice on how to live a fiscally sound existence. As you put yourself in a position for a better financial future, we urge you to follow, study and take inspiration from these financial game-changers.

The Plain Bagel — @ThePlainBagel

Why you should follow them: The Plain Bagel, whose founder Richard Coffin is a financial analyst, posts on their YouTube channel to demystify financial concepts for everyday viewers. The channel serves 918K subscribers and has plenty of content about investing strategies, economic theories and personal finance advice. Richard’s approachable and helpful style of breaking down complex topics into digestible pieces of information has made The Plain Bagel’s channel a reference point for anyone who wants to improve their financial literacy and make better choices about money.

Lyn Allure - @LynAllure

Why you should follow them: Lyn Allure is a prominent Canadian financial landscape figure known for her insightful YouTube channel. With a substantial following and a diverse range of videos, she provides concise and helpful information about various topics in finance. She discusses budgeting, saving strategies, investing strategies, less-known investment categories, market trends and working toward retirement. Lyn Allure’s channel is a great resource primarily for users who wish to develop a well-balanced knowledge base and achieve their financial goals.

Ben Felix — @BenFelixCSI

Why you should follow them: Ben Felix is a Canadian financial influencer and portfolio manager who runs a YouTube channel explaining investing concepts in fine detail. He demystifies advanced investing ideas on his channel, providing evidence-based why and how for topics like investing and portfolio strategies, asset allocation and market commentary. His channel is a great learning resource for anyone who wants to know more about certain aspects of finance, such as investing in indices and why it matters, the benefits of diversification, the science of investing, and investing psychology. Ben has a solid reputation as a reliable voice in the investing community thanks to his analytical approach and commitment to financial education.

Daniel Pronk — @danielpronk

Why you should follow them: Daniel Pronk is a prominent financial influencer on YouTube. He's known for his practical perspectives on investment, in-depth analysis and valuable insight into the stock market world. He aims to give all investors, from first-time buyers to seasoned veterans, helpful knowledge about stock analysis, portfolio management, market trends and financial news. His dedication to providing evidence-based content has made his voice known worldwide within the investment community.

Nicole Victoria — @nobudgetbabe

Why you should follow them: Nicole Victoria, known as 'No Budget Babe" on Instagram, is a leading financial influencer dedicated to helping individuals achieve financial freedom through practical and accessible advice. Nicole offers tactics for paying off debt, growing wealth, and spending wisely, all delivered in a personal and engaging style. She aims to help people take control of their money, make wise choices and build a financial life.

Joyee Yang — @joyeeeyangg

Why you should follow them: Joyee Yang is one of the industry’s most influential Instagram personalities who explores, analyses, simplifies and shares critical financial news with her audience. To her large following, she provides vital insights on stocks and the stock market, investment opportunities, wealth creation tips and ways to build significant net worth. Her posts and stories are equipped with practical suggestions, educational tools and genuine motivation to help investors and regular people make solid investments grow significantly and eventually experience financial freedom.

Griffin Milks — @GriffinMilk

Why you should follow them: Griffin Milks is a YouTuber who has mastered the art of investing in stocks and real estate. A trusted financial influencer, his goal is to get his audience to earn capital and acquire the know-how to make smart investments. Griffin's video content delves into everything from stock market analysis, real estate investing and financial planning to personal finance. His videos are comprehensive, detailed analyses of certain stocks or real estate markets and are structured in a way that empowers viewers to put stock in informed investment choices and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

Ellyce Fulmore — @ellyce.fulmore

Why you should follow them: Ellyce Fulmore is a prominent financial influencer who provides tips and best practices about personal finance and wealth management. Her content has a dedicated following as she posts practical advice, discusses topics and themes and shares actionable tips for her audience, who are keen to improve their knowledge about building a sustainable financial existence. Fulmore covers a range of topics, including listing the basics of budgeting money effectively, outlining ways to save money, and exploring the essentials of investing. 

Alyssa — @mixedupmoney

Why you should follow them: Alyssa, known as "Mixed Up Money" on Instagram, is a respected financial influencer known for her insightful perspectives on personal finance and wealth management. She shares her knowledge and uses her platform to help her followers face their monetary challenges and make more of their money. Her posts cover financial topics such as how to save, budget and invest. 

Bisola Tijani — @WhizQueen

Why you should follow them: WhizQueen is an Instagram financial influencer known for her passionate following of fans who rely on her for tips and advice on personal finance strategy and investing. Her posts consist of inspiring observations and how-to articles for her audience. She is an excellent source of information and a resourceful guide for those interested in achieving financial success. 

Pattie Lovett-Reid — @pattie_lovettreid

Why you should follow them: Pattie Lovett-Reid is a highly respected financial influencer on YouTube. Pattie is the Chief Financial Commentator for CTV News, where she regularly provides analysis on Canada's economy, housing and stock markets, and personal finance trends. Many of her videos cover pressing topics and questions that novice or experienced investors have about budgeting, investing, retirement planning and the latest developments in financial markets. Her channel also offers practical tips for making the most of your earnings, saving and tackling critical financial decisions. With a clear and direct communication style, she is well-respected for her expertise and understanding of financial markets. Her purpose-driven channel is part of her effort to improve people's financial literacy and empower them to make intelligent decisions as consumers in this fast-changing economic landscape.

Charlie Bilello — @CharleeWayne

Why you should follow them: Charlee Wayne is an established personal finance influencer. He produces quality content and posts, offering his followers practical tips on achieving financial freedom and independence. The content covers many topics, including budget management, investing, debt management and building passive income. Charlee's engaging posts and informative videos resonate with his followers, offering actionable steps and inspiration to take control of their financial futures. 

Reni — @xoreni

Why you should follow them: Reni is a financial influencer who curates engaging finance- and lifestyle-related content. With a substantial follower base, Reni shares practical tips, inspiring stories and actionable advice to empower ‘an everyday millennial’ to attain financial freedom and maintain a healthy relationship with money. Her posts range from discussing different strategies for budgeting, saving hacks, and investment basics to fitness routines and time-management techniques, among others. Her informative posts and financial and lifestyle content that are easy to follow and access, endear her to many in the personal finance and lifestyle community. She is seen as a trusted voice, thanks to her commitment to helping others achieve financial well-being.

Tracy — @FinancialNirvanaMama

Why you should follow them: Tracy is a dynamic and influential figure who guides others towards 'Financial Nirvana.' She is an inspirational consultant, social entrepreneur and successful investor in real estate and stocks, with a track record of almost two decades. Tracy’s posts resonate with would-be entrepreneurs and people willing to take action toward financial freedom. Tracy’s specialty is sharing valuable and informative principles, tips and techniques for real estate, stock investing and passive income. 

Melissa Leong — @lisleong

Why you should follow them: Melissa Leong is a prominent financial influencer and can teach you "all things personal finance." Melissa specialises in making complex information on personal finance easy to understand and enjoyable to learn about. Her expertise covers many topics, including budgeting, different ways of saving money, investing, financial wellness, among other issues. With her approachable style and in-depth knowledge, Melissa has gained a reputable position in the personal finance space.  Her commitment to financial education and empowerment has helped many people navigate their financial journeys with confidence and clarity.

Eduek Brooks — @twosidesofadime

Why you should follow them: Eduek Brooks, known as ‘Two Sides of a Dime’ on Instagram, is a financial influencer who specialises in giving her audience the knowledge they need to become financially free. She also provides actionable tips and strategies to attain self-reliance in the ever-changing world of money management. Brooks has built up a large following, providing a wealth of information on money-related matters such as budgeting, debt management, investing and building wealth. She shares her tips in an educational style that is easy for her followers to understand. Her content aims to empower and educate, making her a go-to resource for financial health and stability.

Jessica Moorhouse — @jessicaimoorhouse

Why you should follow them: Jessica Moorhouse is a renowned financial Instagram influencer and a personal finance blogger, also known for being a proponent of financial literacy for everyone, and going from broke millennial to savvy freelancer. Jessica is a well-known YouTuber and Instagram personality who delivers financial advice on a range of topics, including investing, budgeting, hacks, saving, financial plans, ways to pay off debt and other helpful tips. Her posts are both informative and entertaining, helping people gain financial knowledge to build their financial lives on a firmer foundation. 

Michelle Robertson — @ms.moneyandmath

Why you should follow them: Michelle Robertson, the informative and inspiring Ms. Money and Math on Instagram, is a celebrated financial influencer advocating global financial literacy and inclusive financial education. She is a world-renowned expert in financial planning and education, and she frequently guides millions of people in financial empowerment and knowledge. Her curated feed has become an oasis of hope for people and families searching for financial enlightenment and empowerment. Michelle is particularly passionate about empowering women to take control of their finances, offering specialised advice and resources tailored to their unique financial challenges and goals. 

Marika Stimac — @thefinancialconfidencecoach

Why you should follow them: Marika Stimac is a seasoned financial coach and influencer focused on equipping people with the information and tools to be financially confident and free. Dedicated to educating her audience on personal finance, she focuses on budgeting, saving and debt management – for everyday and long-term finances. Marika addresses the questions and challenges people face regarding their finances. Her posts answer common questions and relay information in accessible and digestible ways. 

Jashan Mundi — @jashanmundi

Why you should follow them: Jashan Mundi is a financial influencer known for his financial education content and has always been committed to making people financially literate and independent. Through his posts and videos, Jashan shares valuable insights and practical advice to help them with budgeting, saving, investing, wealth management, etc. His engaging posts, combined with his dedication to providing education on personal finance, help his community make wiser decisions and take ownership of their financial future. His honest and easily relatable approach makes him a trusted figure in the personal finance community.

Lesley Scorgie — @lesleyscorgie

Why you should follow them: Lesley Scorgie is a bestselling author and financial expert. Her books ‘Rich by Thirty: A Young Adult’s Guide To Financial Success’ and the follow-up ‘Rich by Forty’ provide young adults with the tools that contribute to their increasing net worth. Her company, Rich By Inc., provides education, resources and tools for financing for all demographics. She has advocated for financial literacy through speaking and writing, since 2001. Lesley works with non-profits as the treasurer for the National YWCA of Canada and as a member of the Think Tank Committee for the University of Alberta. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Montel Williams and MTV Live. Her articles have been featured in publications like Metro News, Toronto Star, Men’s Health magazine, the Globe and Mail, Unlimited magazine and the Calgary Herald. Through engaging and informative posts, Lesley empowers individuals to make informed financial decisions, earning her a reputation as a trusted and influential voice in the financial community.

Parween Mander — @parween.mander

Why you should follow them: Parween Mander is a financial coach focusing on helping women of colour. She is a certified, trauma-informed money coach and uses social media to offer financial knowledge and tips on various topics, including debt management, saving and financial freedom. Not only is Parween compassionate and understanding, but she also acknowledges the unique financial challenges that our community faces. She relays her knowledge on personal finance through entertaining posts and educational captions while providing the resources so that her followers can work towards a financially secure future. She’s become a valuable resource in the personal finance community through generosity, financial literacy tips and support.

Barry Choi — @barry_choi

Why you should follow them: Barry Choi, a personal finance and travel expert with over 10 years of experience, is recognized by major brands and publications for his insights on credit cards and travel rewards. His work has been published in Forbes, American Express, Air Canada, TurboTax and RBC outlets. He is a media go-to who writes personal finance and travel rewards stories for major Canadian and US media. Previously, Barry was a director and producer at one of Canada’s leading TV news stations, where he was involved in producing financial content, directing breaking news coverage and training new reporters. With a background in financial planning and a passion for empowering others, Barry shares tips on budgeting, saving and investing with his audience through his social media handles.

Robyn Thompson — @robynthompsonmoney

Why you should follow them: Robyn Thompson provides content that fosters personal finance and investing with a modern focus on empowering all to become financially independent through investing and building wealth. Through her social media, Robyn shares personal finance advice and tips to educate, inspire and help others become financially healthier. Robyn creates a space to explore self-empowerment through knowledge by shifting financial expertise into an engaging and approachable style.

Bianca Michelle Magaña — @financewithbianca

Why you should follow them: Finance with Bianca is a leading voice in the finance and investing space. Bianca shares practical advice on everything related to personal savings, investing strategies and portfolio movements, budgeting and accounting hacks and tricks of the trade and managing wealth. Her mission is to educate her audience so they can own their financial futures, instil confidence in personal finance and investments, and inspire her followers to make good money decisions. Her approachable style and simple explanations make heavy personal finance look easy and clear for her followers.

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