Up to $3 million in coverage in minutes

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The technology behind PolicyAdvisor makes it possible for you to easily lock in a policy from one of Canada’s 20 largest insurance companies — and at a term, price and payout that meets your needs.

Here’s how it works: Once you land on PolicyAdvisor’s website, you answer some simple questions about your health and lifestyle and how much coverage you need. The information runs through an algorithm, and you’ll instantly get personalized, custom quotes based on your profile and needs.

As you browse your options, you can be confident PolicyAdvisor is leveraging its data and industry expertise to help you find great coverage for the lowest price.

From there, most applicants won’t even have to take a medical exam before securing up to $3 million in coverage. And if you do need to take an exam, your appointment will be set up at a location and time that’s convenient for you.

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What if you need a little more help?

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While many applicants can complete the process entirely online, if you need a little more guidance, PolicyAdvisor has insurance experts and advisors at the ready to help you instantly over text chat, phone or video.

“We had a great experience from beginning to end. [Our advisor] was very patient with our questions and worked hard to find our best fit,” says Meredith, a PolicyAdvisor customer, on the company’s website. “I only wish we had done this sooner!”

Not sure how much coverage to buy? The site has a handy calculator to help you figure out how much coverage you actually need.

Do you like to do a ton of research before making a purchase? PolicyAdvisor’s blog has all the resources you could hope for to help you understand everything there is to know about life insurance.

Need more time to think about it? There’s no obligation to buy once you’ve reviewed your quotes. Just save your options and come back to the site or message your advisor when you’re ready.

“We got exactly the type of life insurance and critical illness coverage that we would have hoped for (if not even better),” adds Matthew, another customer.

“I highly recommend PolicyAdvisor ... as based on my experience, I can say with confidence that they'd do everything they can to find the right solution for you.”

What are others saying about PolicyAdvisor?

PolicyAdvisor has a 4.94/5 on the site Reviews.io. Here’s what other customers are saying:

PolicyAdvisor review

PolicyAdvisor review

PolicyAdvisor review

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Protect your family, hassle-free

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No one wants to think about not being around to support their family. Just facing the problem is uncomfortable enough, and that’s before all the usual tests and waiting.

So PolicyAdvisor is combining powerful technology, clean design and human expertise to make buying life insurance as quick, simple and affordable as can be.

The company’s promise is to put you and your family’s needs first. With a little help from PolicyAdvisor, you can make preparing for the worst a much better experience.


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