Best Canadian finance podcasts

From insights on TFSAs and RRSPs to navigating the Canadian real estate market, find the topics most relevant to you with these great podcasts.

More Money podcast

One of the first Canadian finance podcasts on the block, More Money Podcast covers the messy business of life, work and wellness and how personal finance intersects with all these aspects. Now, with 300 episodes in the can, there’s almost no topic unturned by host Jessica Moorhouse—and they are all deeply relatable. Personal finance-wise, you can learn about budgeting for a family and retirement planning for procrastinators, and how to prepare financially for other life milestones.

You can also find tons of podcast episodes on personal and financial empowerment, and tips on how to talk about money with your kids and your loved ones. To warm up your ears, we recommend this episode on credit card rewards with our resident credit card expert Barry Choi.

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Because Money

Less of a personal finance podcast and more of a frank conversation with your smartest, financially savvy friends, Because Money recognizes that there’s no surefire answer to most money management matters. Led by three educators and certified financial planners who each have their own takes on life, Because Money covers even heavy topics like parenthood, ageing parents and medical care with humour and empathy, and lots of refreshing insights. Unfortunately, the series is on extended hiatus but their back catalogue of podcast episodes will give you more than enough to chew on.

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Canadian Couch Potato

For those looking to get a little more technical, the Canadian Couch Potato offers advice on all things investing, from crypto to ETFs, for both newbies and seasoned DIY investors. As the title suggests, this podcast – hosted by author and investment advisor Dan Bortolotti – is directed toward people interested in, or currently following, the Couch Potato strategy: Holding half of their assets in common stocks and half in index funds and ETFs. Seamlessly blending the accessible with the technical, the Canadian Couch Potato is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about industry trends, ETFs and index funds and financial planning.

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Debt-Free in 30

Hosted by Doug Hoyes, a licensed bankruptcy trustee, Debt-Free in 30 is a personal finance podcast to help those who have run into debt and are rebuilding their finances. His no-nonsense, straightforward approach cuts the shame and finger-wagging and instead delivers useful information on everything from how to navigate income taxes, when to worry about your credit score, and the low-down on prepaid credit cards, which helps set up listeners for financial independence and help rebuild credit.

Build Wealth Canada

By 32, Build Wealth Canada host Kornel Szrejber and his wife found themselves fully financially independent, having paid off all their debt, mortgage, and were both able to live entirely off of their investment portfolio. In this podcast, Szrejber helps others follow his path, with money and investment tips, expert interviews and real estate investing advice with a focus on small business owners. From ETFs to taxes and early retirement planning to estate planning, he covers it all in digestible 50-minute episodes.

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Freelance Canada Podcast

Unlike most finance podcasts out there, the Freelance Canada Podcast focuses on helping freelancers navigate the choppy waters of freelancing and business ownership while keeping their budget balanced, credit card points maximized and eyes on financial freedom. Presented by Benji, the Canadian business accounting platform, Freelance Canada covers the basics of what you need to know about freelancing, business ownership and the unique financial challenges that are inherent in both.

Freelance Canada features a dynamic range of young and diverse guests to cover everything from investing for freelancers to how to generate passive income and how to maximize rewards points for your lifestyle—plus tons of other great personal finance advice.

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Stress Test

Geared towards Gen Z and Millennial audiences, Stress Test takes all of the financial questions most relevant to younger Canadians and places them within the context of the pandemic: Rather than advising people on real estate investing, they offer creative solutions and look at the trends around multigenerational housing and discuss just why and how the real estate market became what it is now.

Produced by the Globe and Mail, Stress Test offers a keen journalistic context and balances it with real expert advice for people who are just starting their path towards financial freedom.

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Responsible investing for a sustainable economy

Newly launched but already the one to watch, Responsible Investing for a Sustainable Economy is hosted by long-time sustainable investing guru Tim Nash. With the rise of sustainable tech, more corporations making ambitious climate pledges, and more and more investors demanding sustainable ETFs and investment options, there’s never been a better time to get educated on ESGs, CSR and impact investing. And they’re not just catering to the average investing bro—their first episode covers why people should start investing and the links between consumerism and green investing.

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Best American finance podcasts

Financial wellness, discrimination and capitalism are not regional issues: Here’s some audio enlightenment from south of the border.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich podcast

Part couples therapy session, part financial wellness advice, I Will Teach You To Be Rich excavates real-life money issues, with all their messiness and complexities, and comes up with useful insights on what it means to live a Rich Life. And what is a Rich Life? It’s a life that enables you to spend your money on what you love, without guilt or concern or fear of judgment. Sounds great, right?

Hosted by author Ramit Sethi, I Will Teach You To Be Rich isn’t about maximizing credit card points, picking the right stocks, or budgeting tips—it’s about relationships, values and finding freedom through finances, whatever that looks like.

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Bad With Money

Hosted by comedian and journalist Gaby Dunn, Bad With Money goes beyond financial advice and investment tips and digs deep into how Millennials and Gen Z-ers feel about money, how they make money, and the kinds of systemic conditions that women and underrepresented communities face every day. Unlike most finance podcasts, this one features interviews with women, BIPOC, LGBTQ and nonbinary folks and anyone who wasn’t born with generational wealth or a clear pathway to financial independence. Topics run the gamut from work-life balance, campaign financing, shopping addiction and, literally, “What is a stock?”.

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So Money

With guests like Queen Latifah, Ramit Sethi, Tim Gunn and a long list of authors, founders, creatives and others, Farnoosh Torabi’s So Money podcast goes beyond dollars and cents and finds the human side of money and finance. This conversation-style podcast covers the cost of climate change, understanding ESGs, unequal household incomes, and more with empathy, grace and lots of laughs.

Listen to So Money here.

Planet Money

Planet Money is a deeply reported, expertly produced podcast from NPR about what’s going on with money around the world – and we’re not just talking dry stock market reports or trade statistics. Planet Money analyzes everything from Elon Musk’s stock pledges, the exploding wheat market in Southeast Asia, and the economy’s race to hire and retain its increasingly cynical workforce.

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Brown Ambition

Hosted by journalist Mandi Woodruff and author and financial advisor, the ‘Budgetnista’ herself, Tiffany Aliche, Brown Ambition is a podcast that covers personal finance for ambitious young women of colour – a segment of the population historically underrepresented and under-resourced when it comes to finances and entrepreneurship. These women tell it like it is, and interview fellow bad-ass women, all while also giving practical tips on investing, debt repayment, career-building and mental health.

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So there you have it! Whether you’re a seasoned investor on the prowl for the latest trends, hacks and investment products, or just a regular human looking for a new way to think about finances, with all its complexities and messiness, there’s sure to be a podcast for you.

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