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Try the venue’s box office

Online may seem like the only way to get tickets these days, but you might want to try an in-person visit to the venue’s box office.

Tickets are sometimes released right up until the last minute, letting you get into a show you might have missed.

The Canadian Opera Company, for instance, offers same-day rush tickets, as well as a limited number of standing room tickets for very affordable prices. For example, if you have a subscription to the opera, a single ticket might run you $46 at minimum. If you were to purchase a standing room ticket, the cost would be $12.

Certain venues offer obstructed view tickets — where the seats don’t provide an open view of the stage — that are available for a cheaper price than other tickets in the same row. You might be sitting behind a support beam or an amplifier, but these tickets can get you into an event you don’t want to miss for cheaper.

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Travel to a different market

Don’t mind travelling to see your favourite band or team? Going to a smaller market is one way to purchase tickets easily — and cheaper — than if you see them in a big city.

The ticket prices can change due to factors such as demand, which will generally be higher in bigger cities. A 2017 study by travel site, Wanderu, found multiple examples of concert-goers being charged $50 or more for the same show simply due to location. A Janet Jackson concert in L.A. cost $275.95, while the same type of ticket cost $110 for a show in Little Rock, Ark.

If you need a flight or a hotel to be able to see the show in a city with cheaper tickets, those additional costs may undo any savings. However, it may be possible to do a daytrip to a neighbouring city that has better pricing.

Take advantage of little known features

Certain stadiums and arenas have standing room areas that provide great views to events — often at a reduced price.

Going to a Blue Jays game and don’t mind being on your feet? Buy the cheapest ticket you can then make your way to the WestJet Deck at the 200 level.

Itching to see the Yankees in action? Try getting your hand on a Pinstripe Pass.

Do some research and find out what hidden features venues might offer for those who don’t mind standing.

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Hang out

If you can’t manage to get tickets to an event, you can always try hanging out around the venue the day of the show. Sometimes concert-goers have extra tickets they’re willing to sell at face value.

Be advised that if you do try a more innovative path to getting tickets to an event, you need to be extra-cautious and aware of any potential cons and scams.

If you are purchasing tickets at an event, it is advisable not to purchase paper tickets, as these can be easily forged.

If tickets for the event are being handled through Ticketmaster, be sure that the ticket you purchase has been properly transferred into your account.

Never share any personal information — other than that which is explicitly required to obtain the tickets — and never purchase a ticket from an individual or website requesting gift cards.

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