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August 2018


Denver, Colorado – JCE Capital Management, L.P. Launches $100mil Crypto-Focused Hedge Fund


By JCE Capital Management, L.P.

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2018 / JCE Capital Management, L.P., a crypto-asset hedge fund and private equity firm, announced today the launch of its JCE-CM2 (the “Fund”). The Fund is an actively managed portfolio of concentrated, high-conviction positions, focused on active management with medium-term time horizon. The investment objective of the fund is to achieve capital appreciation and maximize absolute returns by offering investors exposure to a broad range of Crypto-assets, whose value is secured by cryptography and other blockchain technologies.

“Blockchain and Crypto-assets are revolutionizing how business is being done because it offers new ways to accumulate, govern, store, and transfer value,” said Chris de Diego, JCE CM’s Managing Partner. “Blockchain and Crypto-currencies are the most recent innovation in ‘money’, since possibly the invention of double-entry accounting in the 1400’s. Our charter is to capitalize on the transformative elements of this new monetary invention and provide investors exposure to this new asset class.”

Awareness of Crypto-assets as an alternative asset class has continued to grow, including currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether (the token of Ethereum), and others. A recent market cap analysis done by RBC Capital Markets, and featured on Yahoo Financial, stated, “Longer term, we think Crypto-currencies are here to stay and will likely become a large market (our long-term estimate for the Crypto-currency space is in the $10 Trillion range versus $300B today).”

Founded by entrepreneur and lead-investor Chris de Diego, JCE Capital Management’s (JCE Capital Management, L.P.) fund seeks to maximize risk-adjusted returns by active management of 15-35 high-conviction portfolio positions. The company uses defined Crypto-asset classes to assist in the portfolio asset allocation and rebalancing processes. Chris is a forward-thinking entrepreneur and a successful business-thought leader, with a gift for market timing. For over two decades Chris has provided strategic vision and leadership by implementing successful tactics in building, growing, and leading entrepreneurial organisms, from startups to established partnerships, and in numerous industries. As a proven leader, his involvement at the onset of new emerging markets has repeatedly generated millions to the bottom line that have substantially benefited investors and stakeholders alike through his executive leadership.

JCE Capital Management, L.P. is a hedge fund and private equity firm that is well positioned to maximize investor returns through our specialized knowledge and experience in traditional investments, through public markets and the exciting investment opportunities in the alternative investments of ICO’s and Bitcoin Technology. The Company offers ICO alternative asset advisory services, equity, debt capital markets, credit portfolio, and direct investment in “Day One ICO’s” to qualified investors, hedge funds, family offices, family-owned companies, corporate investors, and institutional investors.

JCE Capital Management, L.P. serves customers worldwide. To learn more, please visit our website: JCECAPITAL.COM


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SOURCE: JCE Capital Management, L.P.

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