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September 2019


Young Man Pursues Success in Big City, Creates Positive Impact Through Real Estate


Jacksonville, Florida–(Newsfile Corp. – September 30, 2019) – ​Nathan Claire of Buying Jax Homes LLC has built a real estate investment company in Jacksonville that has had its mission focused on helping others and fixing up the community. However, when he first came to Jacksonville, he had no idea how he would make things happen in the largest U.S. city.

Living in the small state of Rhode Island, Claire wished he could move somewhere warmer and more affordable. He took a liking to Jacksonville when he realized that it was a huge city with a lot of growth and development. He wanted to move there and start something positive, building a business so he could find success.

To this end, he founded Buying Jax Homes LLC, a Jacksonville home-buying company. Claire’s company has been focused on repairing homes, allowing for more affordable housing and greater curb appeal in neighborhoods.

With a crime rate of 42 for every 1,000 residents, Jacksonville’s crime rate is one of the highest in the nation. Claire believes that with hope, people won’t be as likely to turn to crime, but rather will turn their lives toward a more productive path.

“One of the most lasting ways to build hope in a crime-ridden neighborhood,” Claire says, “is to make each home a welcoming place to return to after a hard day’s work.” To that end, Claire has set out to revitalize the city by transforming vacant and rundown houses into chic, energy-efficient homes that people love.

Claire explains, “Our company buys rundown houses at a discount because we don’t require the homeowners to make any repairs at all. When you sell a property through a real estate agent, you have to get it up to code, make it attractive, and stage it-all of which costs a ton of money. With us, homeowners can eliminate the cash outlay and hassle and just sell it with no closing costs or out-of-pocket expenses.”

After he purchases the house, Claire and his team of construction and design experts get to work. With decades of experience in cutting renovation costs without cutting corners on quality, the team turns these ugly-duckling houses into elegant homes that even those in need can afford to buy or rent.

He concludes, “Whether it’s buying someone’s hard-to-sell house or finding a great place for someone else to live, it brings me joy to know I have impacted people’s lives.” With great attention to detail and consistent progress, Claire and his team, he points out, have the power to transform whole neighborhoods-one house at a time.

During his efforts in growing his business, Claire connected with a powerful coalition of homebuyers across the U.S. He met the founder through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and they grew as friends and business partners. This coalition focuses on giving back and has set out on a mission to join forces and create and inspire a positive business culture and cause for others to be a part of.

About Buying Jax Homes LLC

Buying Jax Homes LLC ( is a Jacksonville, Florida home-buying company that buys homes as-is, in any condition, allowing homeowners to get cash for their houses without investing even a dime in repairs or cleaning expenses. After they buy a house, they transform it into a gorgeous, livable space, and sell or rent it out for a very affordable price.


Nathan Claire
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