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Google admits that advertisers wasted their money on more than half of internet ads

By  http://qz.com/author/zwenerflignerqz/

Online advertising is a fickle thing. It accounts for 20% of the ad industry’s total spending, and over 90% of revenue for the internet giants Google and Facebook. That said, no one seems to have any idea whether it actually works.

That uncertainty reached a new high this week, as Google announced that 56.1% of ads served on the internet are never even “in view”—defined as being on screen for one second or more. That’s a huge number of “impressions” that cost money for advertisers, but are as pointless as a television playing to an empty room.

This is not a big revelation. The web metrics company ComScore reported last year that 46% of online ads are never seen. Spider.io, an ad fraud company acquired by Google in February, has pointed out that a large portion of ads are “viewed” only by robots, revealing that one botnet of 120,000 virus-infected computers viewed ads billions of times, running up the tab for advertisers without offering them the human eyeballs they sought.

Still, the acknowledgement by a heavyweight such as Google that ad viewability is a problem could shake up the industry by delaying possible IPOs of ad companies and requiring new ways for advertisers to gauge the effectiveness of their ads.

The nineteenth-century retailer John Wanamaker famously said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I don’t know which half.” In this case, it’s the obviously the half that pays for ads which are never seen, and now advertisers are looking for new tools to figure out which those are.

It’s worth noting that Google made this acknowledgement of the deficiency of the model it has profited richly from while also offering a new model to advertisers: In July it introduced its Active View product, which measures only viewed ads.

Make, save and preserve more of your money

Me and My Money
Me and My Money – Nobody cares about me and my money like I should.

Money; how do you make, save and preserve more of your money? And that is the question of a lifetime. If everyone knew how to make, save and preserve more money and wealth they would have done it.  There are millions of millionaire’s and thousands of billionaire’s in the world so in fact what seems to be an unattainable plateau has been reached several times over.

Everyone has their own circumstances and you have heard every rags to riches story there is including the boring but true philosophy of dynastic wealth that is transferred down to family members that have little or no idea how to make, keep and not lose those hard earned dollars and assets.

If we all started from the same place the world would be even more different than the disparity we have today. Some even have greater penalties like language and skill and greater hardships are faced with business owners having to face bankruptcies and closure.

The difference between success and failure is simple “knowledge is power” if you  know and have timely information and act upon it. Often the difference between the haves and the have nots is understanding the power. the power of you. People, humans, shoppers and tax payers have evolved and most of them can read and do math and with this combined basic to advance financial literacy they try to make, save and preserve more of their hard earned wealth or inherited money.

When you don’t know you don’t know and therefore the best advice is you get what you pay for and top dollar paid for advice is one of the best things you can ever do. You may not even take the advice, it may be  a second opinion but to make or save larger amounts of money one realizes you do get what you pay for.



The Last Post Fund

Last Post Fund - Canadian Veterans
Last Post Fund

   We Salute You, In Memory of our Veterans $9,400,000 National Fundraising Campaign Launch.

Montreal, Québec – The Last Post Fund has embarked on a national fundraising campaign, entitled In Memory of our Veterans, with Major-General (Retired) Lewis MacKenzie, UE, CM, CMM, MSC, O.Ont, CD as Honorary Chairman for fund raising and Lieutenant-General (Retired) Lou Cuppens as Campaign Coordinator.

“For over a century, the Last Post Fund has provided dignified funerals and burials for 150,000 Canadian financially challenged Veterans”, states MGen (Ret’d) Lewis MacKenzie.

The specific use of proceeds is very well-defined with contributions (cash or in-kind) directed to these primary, urgent areas of need:

  • $1,000,000 set aside to facilitate the dignified burial of financially challenged Veterans who are not eligible for the Funeral and Burial Program
  • $1,000,000 to support the Last Post Fund’s Unmarked Grave Program, whose objective is to provide a permanent military-style marker for eligible Veterans buried in unmarked graves.  According to Veterans Affairs Canada, between 20,000 and 30,000 Veterans’ graves are unmarked throughout the country
  • $1,000,000 for purchase and clearance of new land section at the LPF National Field of Honour
  • $200,000 for renovation of the Arthur Hair Reception Centre at the National Field of Honour
  • $200,000 for road repairs and equipment
  • $6,000,000 to sustain the perpetual care fund of the LPF National Field of Honour and to support other Fields of Honour set up by the Last Post Fund

Donations can be made online. You may also fill out this form and mail it at the address indicated thereon, or by phone 1 (800) 465-7113.

Several advantages are offered to donors as specified in our Donor Recognition Program.

Mission: The Last Post Fund (LPF) is a non-profit organization whose mission, since 1909, is to ensure that no eligible Canadian or Allied Veteran is denied a dignified funeral and burial due to insufficient funds at time of death. The LPF delivers the Funeral and Burial Program on behalf of Veterans Affairs Canada.

National Office, 505 René-Lévesque Blvd West, Suite 401 Montreal, Quebec H2Z 1Y7

Toll-Free: 800-465-7113   Email: [email protected]

Registered Charity No. 11900 9181 RR0002 – Receipts for income tax purposes will be issued.

Last Post Fund                                   www.lastpostfund.ca



Veterans Affairs Canada               www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/bereavement/gravevac


Campaign coverage:  http://www.cbj.ca/features/aug_12_features/the_last_post_fund.html

Keywords:  Canadian Armed Forces, Merchant Navy Veteran, Second World War, WWII, Korean War, deceased Veterans, non-profit organization, funeral, burial, military style gravemarker, grave marker, disability benefit, National Field of Honour, Allied Veteran, Allied Forces, Canadian Forces, Canadian Government, military families, The Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Veterans Affairs, Navy, Air Force, Army, final resting place, bravery, valour, honour, duty, unmarked grave, Pointe-Claire, PQ, Modern Day Veterans, donor recognition, benevolent, LCol, Lieutenant-Colonel, Major-General, LGen, Lieutenant-General, gift-in-kind, philanthropy, philanthropist, charity, donation, not-for-profit

This press release was graciously provided as gift-in-kind by Money.ca for which we are grateful and hereby recognize as “Friend” of the In Memory of our Veterans campaign.

Jean-Pierre Goyer, Executive Director   Toll-Free:  1 (800) 465-7113

Apple Jumps 2.7 points to reach Purple Chip status at 621 billion

Apple is the biggest company in the world now trumping a record set in 1999 by Microsoft – Apple has surpassed and and all expectations to reach a capitalization of over 620 billion.

Apple has the  support of the people and shareholders and set to reach even greater heights with new product launches coming up and a sharp focus on innovation to now maintain and grow this self-perpetuating money making machine.

Apple stock hit new highs  and jumped 2.7% on optimism surrounding  the impending launch of the iPhone 5 and a better small and cheaper iPad in time for Christmas.

Microsoft would still hold the record if the numbers were adjusted for inflation.

Air Canada – Charity Golf Tournament – Raises Big Money for Little Kids

Canadian Charity Golf Tournaments
Charity Golf Tournaments Canada

Air Canada Foundation First Annual Golf Tournament Raises Over $268,000 for Children in Need


Event Part of Year-Long Celebration of Air Canada’s 75th Anniversary

MONTREAL, Aug. 9, 2012 /CNW Telbec/ – The Air Canada Foundation’s first annual fundraising golf tournament held Monday, August 6, at the Elm Ridge Country Club, Québec, raised over $268,000 support of organizations focused on the health and well-being of children in need.

“On behalf of all the people whose lives are touched by the Air Canada Foundation, I extend a heartfelt thank you to our loyal partners, sponsors, participants and volunteers whose enthusiasm and generosity made this inaugural fundraising event a resounding success,” said Priscille LeBlanc, Chair of the Air Canada Foundation. “With the support of our customers, employees, friends and partners, the Foundation is now able to provide financial as well as travel assistance directly to those most in need.”

The event featured 36 teams totalling 144 golfers with funds raised through sponsorships, fun events, and a silent and live auction of items donated by tournament partners:

Presenting sponsor


Patrons of Honour

AAR Corporation
Airbase Services
American Express
B/E Aerospace
Carlson Wagonlit
Delta TechOps
Expedia & Egencia
GE Aviation
InFlight Canada
Panasonic Avionics
Pratt & Whitney

About the Air Canada Foundation
In celebration of its 75 years of community involvement, Air Canada launched in 2012 the Air Canada Foundation, a not-for-profit organization focused on the health and well-being of children in need.
The Air Canada Foundation offers support primarily through travel assistance to core programs including: The Hospital Transportation Program, which donates Aeroplan miles to 15 pediatric hospitals across Canada so children can travel to obtain medical care unavailable locally; the Air Canada Volunteer Involvement Program which encourages employees to give back to their local community by providing them with airline tickets to raise money for causes they support while the employee-led charitable organization, Dreams Take Flight, each year flies hundreds of ill and disadvantaged children to Disney for a day of making wishes come true. To supplement travel initiatives with financial assistance, the airline also engages directly in fundraising activity such as the Every Bit Counts program which encourages customers to donate loose change of all denominations onboard or through airport collection containers.
The Foundation also offers continued support to major health-related causes that benefit Canadians and is an active participant in international humanitarian relief activity as the need arises.
For more information about The Air Canada Foundation, please visit www.aircanada.com/foundation

About Air Canada
Air Canada is Canada’s largest domestic and international airline serving more than 175 destinations on five continents. Canada’s flag carrier is the 15th largest commercial airline in the world and in 2011 served more than 33 million customers. Air Canada provides scheduled passenger service directly to 59 Canadian cities, 56 destinations in the United States and 63 cities in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Mexico and South America. Air Canada is a founding member of Star Alliance, the world’s most comprehensive air transportation network serving 1,356 destinations in 193 countries. In 2012, Air Canada was ranked Best International Airline in North America in a worldwide survey of more than 18 million airline passengers conducted by independent research firm Skytrax.


For further information:Contacts :
Isabelle Arthur (Montréal)  514 422-5788
Peter Fitzpatrick (Toronto)  416 263-5576
Angela Mah (Vancouver)  604 270-5741

Internet :  aircanada.com/foundation

The MONEY Vertical from news, magazines and blogs to video and television

Me and My Money
Me and My Money

Money its a big subject and it means a lot of different things to a lot of different types of people. Much has been said about money and most from those who have the least of it. MONEY is a currency a way to exchange goods and services; like it or not you have to deal with it.  There are hundreds and maybe thousands of money and personal finance topics and categories one could think of but the most important ones have been consolidated into the online money library a place where the most important local, national and international business news and information is aggregated, classified and disseminated. MONEY has a long and rich history but a short memory for those who are not in control of their finances. MONEY helps to create an interesting online environment that encourages inter-action with the general public, consumers and business.  After all it’s all about money and everything related to it. MONEY.ca and Me and My Money save, make and preserve more of your money.

Me and My Money: it is not the first section of a newspaper, it is not the first blog of its kind, it is not the first personal finance newsletter; it is only the best web-enabled, video capable and mobile access to select news and information that is brought to you by the most trusted Canadian money news and infomation source in Canada. Me and My Money is an investment club, a public information share and the social media tool for investors. If you know a little or know a lot you can grow and share your interest as an investor or individual you can learn more to earn more. The Toronto Star has rich topical information on “Me and My Money” because it is an important term and refer to it along with Torontonian’s as a great read. The Globe and Mail Canada’s national newspaper and online leader also has an unregistered but important finance section called “Me and My Money” MONEY “You and Your Money” are registered trademarks of Money Canada Limited. And in the name of “Financial Literacy” take charge of the idea, concept and meaning of a publication, newsletter, blog, called “Me and My Money” and are prepared to share, collaborate and promote issues of Canadian Literacy by way of contribution, volunteer or donation or exchange of services. MONEY.CA online and MONEY Magazine publication in tandem are leading the way for children, student and new immigrant financial education the tools, technology, books and guides. Learn More…


Financial Literacy – Canadian Financial Literacy

Canadian Money

MONEY.CA the site that best does what everyone else talks about; when it comes to online “Financial Literacy” for Canadians we share the wealth and wisdom online and in print, bringing a little bling and a lot of the real thing to all the right target markets for all the right reasons. New site: www.canadianfinancialliteracy.ca

Money Canada Limited all about Canadian money, money news and information by way of MONEY Magazine full 4 color process quarterly also known as Canadian Money Magazine and Money Magazine Canada online wows its growing number of subscribers with top quality written news, articles, editorials and video reporting.  Money Newsletter is a monthly email newsletter complete with current news and affairs that relate to personal finance and the local economy. MONEY Ezine is Money Magazine online and a digital version of the complete MONEY print version. MONEY Membership is exclusive and not cheap at $29.99 per annum but it is for those who want, savings, preservation and moneymaking information and ideas that are realistic and achievable. Access to the make money online website is included for MONEY Members along with many other benefits.

Money Video also known as Market Update Video brings the most trusted name in online news to Canadians 4 times a day 5 days a week giving you in depth business and finance news as it happens receiving updates direct to your desktop or phone.

MONEY has a great vertical potential because it is a keyword and one of the most important as it affects all people and it affects them all in different ways. Even if you are not a Canadian capitalist you just have to understand something about it and how it works if you have it or not most will reluctantly abide by its principles in order to survive.

MONEY has many definitions and expressions to numerous to count, some of the most important things according to Canadians and their money will be a primary focus for MONEY to continually research, study and report all that is money and all that is worth knowing and sharing when it comes to personal finance and the local Canadian economy.

MONEY.CA with all it’s resources will help investors, students, youth and new comers to Canada all the important news, information and insight they need to know to hold up a world class economy that starts with more children having enough to eat and access to education, books and computers.

Between investors and financial companies there exists a social media platform ready for the best and most healthy exchange of information and ideas to create the next well-informed group of Canadians that will have fostered a more even playing field while creating more efficient markets and market partners. Mass collaboration changes everything along with several important government and financial businesses have partnered to continually bring real and realistic products and services to encourage change in under-served communities and forgotten Canadian children that are our better future once lead wisely.

Best Rate Around and Investment Marketplace are just 2 of the primary money.ca lineup of landing pages that attract and retain the attention of the Canadian consumer online. Canadian Financial Traffic sites that help develop traction and get more Canadians to destination sites that gives them good, accurate and helpful answers to the most common questions always with the ability to learn more about you and your money from me and my money.