Your New Role

Should you choose to accept it…

You’ll disappoint your clients and prospects unless you do this. It doesn’t matter what else you do or how proficient you are at it, there is a role you have to accept to meet consumers growing expectations. You have to be their “Overall Guardian of All things Financial”.

It may sound like a big job but it’s just the natural extension of any financial role you can play for your clients. Here’s what I mean. You are expected to know enough about personal finance, insurance, investments, financial planning and how it applies to your clients that you can point out potential problems before they happen. They need you to be able to steer them out of harm’s way.

So, while you may be an insurance agent or investment advisor, when you see big debt trouble, it makes sense that you guide a client towards the right help to solve it. This doesn’t mean you have to try to do it all. In fact, you should not. It means you need to be able to refer them to resource that can help them solve the problem.

Trying to do it all is a recipe for disaster and low performance. Professional liability lawyers are circling just waiting for you to try to do it all, I assure you. If you’re a jack-of-all-trades, you are a master of none and they know it. You are easy pickings.

Your general practitioner doctor can tell when you may have a medical condition that requires specialized attention. You can do the same with your clients. When you see a financial
condition that needs specialized attention, make the referral. Be sure you have a roster of professionals to who you can refer. It separates you from the crowd, makes you more referable and ultimately raises your performance.

Sometimes it’s the little things you can pass on that few know…
• Like most Canadians need travel insurance for inter-provincial travel and not just for international travel. Who knows that?
• Or, that some business owners can buy tax-deductible insurance that pays their expenses if they are disabled and can’t work. It also pays tax-free benefits. It’s the best insurance almost no one hears about.


And what about wills? Less than half of Canadians have a current one and even fewer have them properly “Funded”. (Ask me about out “Good Will Funding” sales kit.) It’s a huge market and opportunity.

All of this makes you indispensible and substantially more referable. It’s all part of being the client’s “Overall Guardian”. It’s the new role. Take it on and move on to higher performance. Consumers do want to know how much you care before they care how much you know… today more than ever. Prove you care. Every day.

I’m Jim Ruta, and that’s just the way it is.

Jim Ruta

Jim Ruta is the author of four books, contributor to online and offline magazines around the world, he has spoken on stages featuring the leading insurance and investment financial service professionals/advisors representing the highest standards of ethics, knowledge, service and productivity, including the Million Dollar Round Table Main Platform representing 36,000 individuals in 78 countries.