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Michael Beattie is the Founder, CEO and President of Operations at MBM Consulting. With more than 195 employees, Michael leads his staff at MBM Consulting in providing the highest level of construction and operational expertise to businesses both within and outside of Toronto.

Notably, Michael has been involved with the operational management at some of the largest construction companies in North America. He is also well-known for turning around struggling companies and returning them to operational efficiency to make them once more profitable.

Michael Beattie is a graduate of McGill University, where he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Commerce in 1989. Michael continued his education in business by enrolling in the Executive MBA program at Western University, a program that he graduated from in 1997.

Between 1989 and 1995, Michael worked for Lakeview Holdings in Toronto. While at Lakeview, he assumed various roles at the company and rose to become President of Operations at the company. Michael’s responsibilities at Lakeview included working in mergers and acquisitions, buying and managing distressed companies, gaining experience in leveraged buyouts, and directing financial sponsorship of both public and private equity companies.

While at Lakeview, Michael was also involved in several deals that resulted in combined assets of $12 billion. Some of the companies involved in those deals included Federated Department Stores, Revco, Blackstone, KKR, BC Partners and Procter & Gamble. He continues his role at Lakeview Trust on the Board of Directors, overseeing a $2 billion portfolio investment and land trust.

Michael has led MBM Consulting since 1995. During this time, he has led in the growth of MBM Consulting by applying his expertise in project design and construction — with a special focus on sustainable design — and providing cost effective, impactful strategies to clients in the areas of construction, road engineering, road operations, and maintenance programs.

Michael’s project management highlights at MBM Consulting include work with Ottawa LRT and London transit, and in the United States, projects with a FedEx ground hub in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the Milwaukee streetcar terminal in Wisconsin, the Los Angeles, California west line transit extension, and the “Big dig” in Boston, Massachusetts. Each of these projects have allowed Michael to further his project management knowledge and proficiency.

Michael has a personal net worth of $228 million. When not working hard at MBM Consulting, Michael Beattie enjoys motorcycling, thoroughbred horse racing, and formula one racing. He also takes great pride in his personal antiques and wine collection.

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